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The Yakuza is a Japanese transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan.[1] They have been seen to engage in drug trafficking, auto theft and drift car racing.

"Against those pinkyless bastards, you had better come correct."
Pam Poovey[src]

Known Members[]

  • Mr. Moto : Head of the New York syndicate
  • Yoshi : Mr. Moto's personal driver.
  • Tadashi


  • The Yakuza nickname for Pam is "Shiro Kabocha"(白カボチャ), which she initially believes to mean "white shadow". However in Drift Problem (s3e7) it is revealed by Mr. Moto to actually mean "white pumpkin".
  • Yoshi is Mr. Moto's personal driver. Even though he is a large man, he was overcome by Sterling Archer fairly easily in Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor (s5e3).
  • It was revealed in Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor (s5e3) that Pam Poovey has taken at least three members of the Yakuza as lovers in the past.


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