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Deane in her younger years.

"Where did you learn that? The army?"
"No. I mean, not that I don't appreciate the sacrifices made by the men and women in our armed forces, but there are better ways to almost qualify for food stamps. It is just criminal what they get paid. Although, I'd probably be an officer. Still, though, seems like a lot of running."
—Veronica Deane and Sterling Archer[src]

Veronica Deane is an American actress. Ona Grauer provides the voice of the impostor and Mary McDonald-Lewis voices the real Veronica Deane.


Season 7[]

"The Figgis Agency"[]

According to an imposter, Veronica's apartment was broken into by Alan Shapiro, who stole, aside from money and some jewelry, a disc containing "sensitive information", and the imposter went to the Figgis Agency. However, since the imposter was the Figgis Agency's first client, the Figgis Agency's founder Cyril Figgis had not set a price for this kind of situation. The imposter offered them $100,000 in exchange for the disc, so the Figgis Agency took the job. However, once the imposter left, Cyril revealed that he was going to charge her $10,000, and Sterling Archer $9,000.

The Figgis Agency broke into Shapiro's apartment, hoping to steal the disc without being caught. However, Archer was bitten by one of the guard dogs (who were tranquilized using dog treats developed by Dr. Algernop Krieger that he called "hush puppies"), leaving a blood trail for Shapiro to notice the three agents. The three managed to escape and recover the disc, giving it to the imposter, who immediately left after paying the Figgis Agency the promised $100,000 with a fake cashier's check.

Immediately after the impostor left, Ray Gillette arrived, saying that he'd wanted to get Veronica to sign his headshot. However, the real Veronica walked in, and was identified by the aforementioned headshot. Veronica explains that she found out about the Figgis Agency through a poster made by Pam Poovey featuring a dog she named "Furlock Bones".

"The Handoff"[]

"Would you care for a drink?"
"Archer, it's barely 9--"
"Corpse Reviver #2, please, but if you don't have real absinthe I'll have a Double Sidecar, French."
"Oh, that sounds good. I'll have--"
"There's not enough."
Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, Veronica and Malory Archer[src]

Veronica explained to the Figgis Agency that a disc containing "sensitive information" about her was stolen by Alan Shapiro (Veronica's attorney). However, the imposter had already explained all of this, so the Figgis Agency already knew what they were getting into (as well as already having stolen the disc). When Deane tried to ask how, Malory Archer explained that Cyril was "on the spectrum", having read it in a newspaper years ago and simply having never forgotten it.

It is eventually revealed by Alan Shapiro that Veronica Deane is actually broke.

"Bel Panto: Part I"[]

Veronica appeared at the charity fundraiser for the American Tinnitus Foundation. She wore a valuable necklace called the Tsarina, which makes her the target of a group of killer clowns led by Mr. Rompers. Sterling Archer hides her in a secret room and kills one of the clowns in order to take his place. She remains there for the rest of the episode.

"Bel Panto: Part II"[]

Still in the secret room, Veronica soon gets rescued along with the other hostages, who are now disguised as the clowns due to "plan X".

"Deadly Velvet: Part I"[]

Veronica is the lead actress in the upcoming movie "Deadly Velvet" but with suspicions of sabotage, she hires Sterling Archer as her personal bodyguard. Later on, they have sex in her lounge, which she uses as an alibi as to why she can't have committed murder.

"Deadly Velvet: Part II"[]

Still using the alibi that "[she] was with Archer until almost the stroke of three", Veronica plans on escaping while pinning the crime on Lana Kane. She meets with Archer at her house revealing she was reclaiming her fortune through a series of insurance scams, tax fraud, and stock manipulations. The disc they stole contained the information on all the money she stole and was also a sex tape. After telling Archer of her plans, shoots him. However, she believes it to be a fake when another Archer shows up. She escapes and hasn't been seen since.


At first glance, Veronica appeared to be a noble and calm woman who, at least as a ruse to cover up her true motives, held a strong distaste for violence and killing. A good example would be when Sterling Archer killed one of the clowns that attacked the party, Pinky Brewster, to sneak around in their costume. Not only was Veronica visibly horrified by his actions, but suggested non-lethal actions that Archer could've taken to subdue him rather than kill him. Of course, whether she genuinely hates violence or simply acted as though she was against it is unknown.

It is also shown that under dire and rather frightening situations, Veronica becomes frantic and starts to panic. Regardless, she is shown trying to keep a level head whenever the situation is under these circumstances and maintains a sense of professionalism, such as by silencing Archer when he had began to discuss the case openly in public, asking him why he thought discussing the case in public would be a good idea.

However, once her true motives were revealed, she unveiled a darker side of herself. Crazy and manipulative, she could easily be called a femme fatale. She holds little regards for others' lives and is only interested in money—as she's broke—and fame. As a femme fatale, she is capable of using her beauty to sway men to perform actions for her needs, such as using Alan Shapiro to frame Lana Kane for the murder of Ellis Crane (Veronica's ex-husband).

She has no qualms about disposing people that finds out her plans, or are simply no longer of use to her.


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