Hi gang -just to let you know that, in time for the premiere of season 10, the Archer (TV Series) page has been updated to include a revised premise along with a brand new and complete "Evolution" section - the former section was woefully incomplete. This has the effect of making that page more general, and allows more specific information to be situated elsewhere via rabbit holes which can be explored by those seeking more insight into the show's workings.

The "Trademarks" section which was on the page - and was a labour of love of mine when I first discovered this wiki a year ago - has been turned into a summary and a new page has been created for all that in-depth goodness. Doing this makes the main page a less cluttered and more authoritative (canon) source of information. It also makes the option of exploring - and commenting on - the techniques employed throughout the show (which is arguably a bit more interpretive) available on a separate page.

The reason for this change is that it occurred to me that not everyone visiting the show's main page would be as interested in that info, or people may find it "subjective" - even though it is an honest and scholarly attempt to outline the techniques used, and provide evidence in the form of examples to back it up. Clearly some people are still interested in this type of information and analysis and so, in order not to put people off, a separate page was all that was needed; that way people can comment on the techniques page without commenting on the main page itself.

The navigation bar has also been updated to reflect these recent changes - there is now more character and episode related content there, as well as all a whole new "About" section which links to the aforementioned updates (as well as running gags and insights and other more detailed content etc).

I hope these updates are interesting and useful - please comment below or message my wall if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Looking forward to season 10 :)

- HighComs (admin)

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