With only a few hours remaining, I thought I'd let you people know:

a) the crew pages for this season's dream personas are to be found in the drop down menu. (Characters/Dream Personas: Archer 1999/) The are all linked to the MV Seamus page, so no need to make new ones for the crew. Only for other beings/characters/aliens met as the season progresses. (MVS is just the manifest for the crew ie. the dream personas of the Core Group.

The convention is MV Seamus/Archer MVS (for example) - MVS being an abbreviation of Merchant Vessel Seamus.

b) the first episode page is in the drop down menu episodes/season10/s10e1.

The placeholder for now is S10E01 and can be changed when we have the name.

All that can be said now is enjoy! And have fun filling it out.

HighComs (talk) 19:54, May 29, 2019 (UTC)

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