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Sterling Archer's black turtleneck.

The Turtlenecks are a common article of clothing worn by spies in the Archer Universe.



Archer's 10 turtlenecks

The Black Turtleneck is Sterling Archer’s preferred clothing item when on covert spy missions. He often takes credit for being the first to recognize its use as a tactical garment. During a rant, Sterling nicknames it the "tactle-neck," a clever portmanteau.

Archer has a closet full of $900 black turtlenecks woven from only the purest Azerbaijani cashmere wool. He bought 10 at once and charged them to ISIS. He told Woodhouse to sort them by color, because five are dark black and the other five are a slightly darker black. He is down one slightly darker black one because he ripped one on a duffel bag.

Whenever on a mission, Sterling always insists on wearing his turtlenecks. If a dangerous aspect of the mission comes up, he will even leave to go get one, as seen in "Skytanic." If he doesn't have the option of putting on a turtleneck, he loses some of his confidence in completing the mission. In "Jeu Monégasque" he said, "I mean come on I've broken into way tougher places, right? I mean not without my turtleneck, but still."

ODIN agents are outfitted with turtlenecks as part of their uniform, which drives Archer crazy when seen. Pam Poovey was also seen wearing a black one while breaking in to Rona Thorne's home to hide her journal ("Movie Star") and Ray Gillette is seen wearing one in "El Secuestro" just to piss Archer off.


  • Sterling Archer had 5 Dark Black and 5 Slightly-Darker-Black Turtlenecks.
  • As seen in "Blood Test", Archer has been wearing black turtlenecks ever since he was a child.