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"You don't get along with your neighbors anywhere!"
Sterling Archer[src]
" Mallory, please allow me."
Trudy Beekman[src]

Trudy Beekman is Malory Archer's neighbor and social rival. Malory is often finding ways to establish herself above Trudy, in "Skytanic" going so far as to call in a phony bomb threat to the rigid airship, Excelsior. She made the threat so she could bump Trudy off the guest list and take the trip herself. When told she had been bumped, Trudy got so mad she vomited in anger.

In "Killing Utne," Malory complained about the decor in Trudy's bathroom. After Manfred and Uta killed Utne and Elke Hubsch, Malory directed her ISIS employees to dump the dead bodies in Trudy's bathroom. She had everyone shoot Elke with Sterling Archer's gun and then had Krieger burn the evidence.

Trudy was seen in Season 4, Episode 9: "The Honeymooners", where she covered for Malory at a restaurant when Archer stole her credit card. While her face wasn't seen, the back of her head and shoulder was shown, and she was heard speaking.


  • Her relationship with Malory Archer appears to mirror that of Lucille Bluth and Lucille Austero of Arrested Development, in which Jessica Walter, the voice of Malory Archer, played Lucille Bluth.
  • As seen from their short interaction in the "Honeymooners", Trudy was shown to treat and speak to Mallory in the same condescending tone she treats everyone else.