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"Kiss my fat Irish ass!"
—Trinette McGoon[src]

Trinette McGoon is a former prostitute who Sterling Archer often employed and is the mother of Seamus McGoon.

Her voice is provided by Maggie Wheeler.


Before the Series[]

At some point, Trinette became a prostitute. Sterling Archer claims that he used to have to book her several weeks in advance.[1]

Season 1[]

"Training Day"[]

Archer hires Trinette to help train Cyril Figgis to be a field agent. During the course of his training, she is accidentally injected with a sedative, which Cyril believes to be poison. With the assistance of Woodhouse, Archer allows Cyril to believe they have to dispose of Trinette's body. The plan goes wrong and she wakes up in the trunk of Archer's car. She threatens to tell Popeye, her pimp, about the incident, forcing Archer to give her his car and wallet.

"Dial M for Mother"[]

In a small cameo, Trinette sees Manfred in a park, standing all alone in an area where adults were normally not allowed without children. When she calls him out on this, Manfred claims he is with a child; Uta walks over with a fake baby. Trinette shouts that the baby is not real, and Manfred asks if Seamus is, saying that he thought Trinette was going to show off her prized turnip. Trinette shouts that the baby's father knows Krav Maga, hinting that her baby's father is Sterling Archer, (which turns out to be false) and that he will kick Manfred's balls through his head.

Season 2[]

"Blood Test"[]

Trinette suddenly appears at ISIS Headquarters, claiming that Archer is the father of the wee baby Seamus. A blood test is arranged, and Archer believes he is the likely father, stating that his chances of being the father are "about one in three." He later switches out his blood for a vial of Cyril's blood, breaking into First Savings Bank in the process.

The ISIS staff later hold a baby shower for Trinette. While at the baby shower, she is presented with a blankie from Pam, "breast milk" from Krieger, and a book on SIDS from Cheryl. It is also noted that she feels uncomfortable with Lana holding the wee baby Seamus, since her hands are so huge.

When the paternity test is performed, the blood test comes back as a 100% match, indicating that ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis is the likely father. Some doubt can be cast on this fact because it is possible that Barry Dylan rigged the test so that Archer would be the father regardless. Archer agreed to not dispute the results of the test due to it being under heavy guard by ODIN agents, even though he was able to break in and switch the two blood vials and replace his with Cyril's blood, forcing him to pay child support to Trinette.

Trinette says she has retired from being a prostitute, and that she has an SEP. She seems to indicate that she expects to live off the child support.

"The Double Deuce"[]

Trinette leaves town for a weekend to attend the Pimps and Hoes Ball with Popeye. While she was gone, she left Seamus with Woodhouse and Archer. Archer and Malory are then tasked with watching the baby while Archer takes care of a suspected murderer from Woodhouse's old WWI squadron, The Double Deuce.

"Stage Two"[]

When Archer was diagnosed with breast cancer, and fearing that it may be terminal, Archer wanted to bond with Seamus and arrives at Trinette's apartment. When he makes the request, Trinette admits that Seamus is not even Archer's real son. Despite this, in a moment of real emotional vulnerability, Archer confessed that he knows, but Seamus may be the closest thing to a son he will ever actually have.

Archer bonds with Seamus, to the extent that he returns Seamus to his mother with "Archer" now tattooed on the baby's shoulder. Trinette shouts that you can't tattoo a baby, and Archer says that the tattoo artist said that as well before Archer paid him an extra $100. She leaves with her son and says she hopes Archer's cancer will kill him.

Season 8[]

Season 13[]

"Distraction Action"[]

After 11 seasons of not being seen (Except as a dream persona) Trinette is now running a very high class escort service/brothel. Archer comes to her for help, to get dirt on Robert. She, at first, refuses to help Archer. However, he explains how he doesn't want Lana to lose custody of A.J. because if Robert wins, he'd lose any chance of seeing his daughter again. Out of sympathy, she gives in and hands him the file on Robert. Though grateful, Archer confuses this and states that he and Trinette "had some good times". She bluntly states that their past wasn't "good times", it was just sex.

As he leaves, she tells Archer in a boastful tone that she's looking forward to his next check. The gang would later run into her again, as they flee from the FBI. They find her hosting on a yacht which they switch boats for them to escape the FBI.


"Ya puke!"
—Trinette's default insult

Trinette can be rude and obnoxious, and she has a large temper. Despite this, Trinette can be polite as she speaks very kindly to Cyril in her first appearance. She appears to want what's best for her son. This is brought into question because she entrusts care of Seamus to Archer from time to time. She is uncomfortable when she sees Lana holding the wee baby Seamus because of the size of her hands, and snaps at her to give him back.[1] She was also enraged with Cyril and Archer who both used candy wrappers as condoms.[1] She is shown to care very deeply for her son Seamus and was furious when Archer paid an extra hundred bucks to the tattoo guy to give him a tattoo.[2] She does still somewhat smugly hold the child support payments over Archer's head. Though Archer indicated he thought they had a "relationship" of sorts, she bluntly tells him their past was mostly just sex. When he asks for her put Seamus in lacrosse one time for his sake, she shoots that idea down. Mostly because she doesn't what Seamus to turn into Archer. And judging by how she proudly has a school photo of his accomplishments, she still strives to give Seamus the best she can provide.


  • According to an interview with Archer creator Adam Reed, Trinette and Seamus were going to return in Season 6, but the episode was never finished for unknown reasons. The idea for their return may have been pushed forward into later seasons due to the impact they would have on the plot if they reappeared, and the critical acclaim of the fans.[citation needed]
  • Though Trinette gets Archer's child support payments, there have been a few seasons where he was out of a job. Or was to a point he wouldn't have enough. So it would have to be assumed she got the payments from his trust funds or Mrs. Archer, herself.
  • Her apparent non-rhotic American accent indicates that she may merely be of Irish descent rather than actually from Ireland like other minor characters with an Irish accent.


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