Trent Whitney
First appearance "Deadly Prep"
Voiced by Jon Glaser
Age Unknown (deceased)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Aliases Whitney
Languages English (native)
Nationality American
Occupation Hedge Fund Owner
Personal Life
Relationships Sterling Archer (high school "friend")
Richard Stratton IV (high school friend)
"You think I won't fucking kill you?!"
—Trent Whitney[src]

Trent Whitney, known simply as Whitney, was a high school "friend" of Sterling Archer. When Richard Stratton IV approached the Figgis Agency, Whitney came close to being killed by them, only to actually be killed by Stratton. His voice is provided by Jon Glasser.


Before the SeriesEdit

Trent Whitney and Richard Stratton IV attended private school with Sterling Archer. While there, they constantly gave him swirlies. On one occasion during Archer's freshman year, Whitney and Stratton gave Archer a swirly in a toilet that Whitney had pissed in. This incident put Archer in the hospital for five weeks from pneumonia (he had aspirated water and, presumably, urine in his lungs) and caused him to miss out on varsity.[1]

Season 7Edit

"Deadly Prep"Edit


Trent Whitney has been shown to have a very self-serving and borderline psychotic personality, taking almost euphoric enjoyment in torturing and bullying Archer when they were teenagers at St Josh Prep school roughly 23 years ago. He also has been embezzling money from his and Ivy's hedge fund for years while simultaneously sleeping with Ivy's wife for half a decade.


  • Archer tells Whitney that he believes Whitney and Ivy will die in "a bizarre murder-suicide". Ivy murders Whitney then goes into a chase with Archer, then drives off a cliff hoping to kill both himself and Archer (only for Archer to jump out at the last minute), proving Archer's prediction entirely correct.
  • His name references jet engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, and the Rolls-Royce Trent turbofan engine.


Appearances for Trent Whitney


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