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Torvald Utne was a Swedish representative of the UN who was the key decision maker in determining which spy agency is awarded the insanely lucrative UN contract. For the past six years, he has been persuaded or bribed by ODIN to award them the contracts. Malory Archer invited him to a dinner party at her apartment in order to persuade him to award the contracts to ISIS, where he was killed by Manfred and Uta.


A Prestigious Dinner Party[]

Utne is invited by Malory Archer to a prestigious dinner party, so she can persuade him to give ISIS a lucrative UN contract that, for the past six years, has gone to ODIN. At the party, Utne is impressed by Lana Kane's guns, and Malory allows him to cup one of her TEC-9s (which Utne uses to touch Lana's breasts). Lana then uses Krav Maga on Utne's wrist until she is forced to let him go. When Malory asks if Utne is alright, Utne assures her that he just needs some painkillers.[2]


As Utne prepared to eat, Elke Hubsch (unbeknownst to anyone else at the party, an assassin hired by KGB head Nikolai Jakov because he reasoned that Torvald's replacement would be easier to manipulate, allowing him to engineer ISIS' takeover of the contract and therefore allowing him to deal with Malory instead of Len Trexler) sat down next to him. Right before Hubsch could kill Utne, Hubsch fell victim to poison put in her food by Uta (also an assassin hired by Jakov) in an effort to kill Utne. However, Uta and her partner Manfred had planned to also kill Hubsch, to ensure they got the credit (and the pay) for killing Utne.

Utne was later murdered by Manfred and Uta. Unbeknownst to Malory, who was conspiring with the two to stage an assassination so ISIS could save Utne in order to help ISIS get the UN contract, the bullets were actually real, not blanks. The bullets apparently cause the back of Utne's skull to explode outward (as described by Sterling Archer).

The bodies of Utne and Hubsch were later burned by the ISIS members at the party.[2]


He enjoys Swedish cuisine (such as Gravlax), forward women (such as Elke Hubsch), and small feet. He dislikes squeaky shoes, sand, surprises, and loud noises.[1] He is, as Malory puts it, "an incorrigible poon-hound."

He is also seemingly fond of firearms, although he uses the opportunity provided by cupping Lana Kane's TEC-9s to rub her breasts.


  • Torvald Utne's inspiration, Linus Torvalds, is the inventor and dictator-for-life of the Linux kernel. Born in Helsinki, Finland, Torvalds is a member of the Swedish-speaking minority.
  • His dossier lists Honeypot as a recommended tactic, which foreshadows the fifth episode in the first season, "Honeypot", as well as the effectiveness of Elke Hubsch's plan.

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