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"The zone will be one of danger."
—Tony Drake[src]

Commander Tony Drake was an astronaut, the Commander of the International Space Station, Horizon, of ISA, who enlists the help of ISIS employees to resolve a problem on the Station in the two-part season 3 finale. Voiced by Bryan Cranston.[1]

Character Biography[]

Tony was a highly decorated astronaut with the ISA, though shown to be somewhat mentally unhinged. He believed that since the world's population is growing rapidly and food sources are becoming depleted that Earth will become inhospitable in 200 years. For this reason he wanted to use the International Space Station Horizon to begin creating a colony on Mars. However some of the astronauts do not approve of this idea and a battle begins on the Space Station. Tony heads to Earth and convinces ISIS that political radicals that are against the United States are taking over the space station, holding Commander Kellogg captive, and he needs their help. In actuality he just wanted to stop any resistance to his plan and obtain women (including Lana Kane) and the other ISIS women, for breeding purposes. After defeating the resistance he had Sterling Archer and the other members of ISIS locked up with the intention of making them "involuntary laborers". They manage to escape however and capture him. Rather than see his plan fail, Tony shot himself in the head.

Running Gags[]

Danger zone - 'The zone will be one of danger'  - this is an allusion to the long running gag, here employed by Commander Drake, instead of the usual suspect, Archer.  The 'zone of danger' is also, seemingly, a zone of 'obligatory intertextuality': you are obliged to know of the 'Danger Zone ' reference as a running gag, and as Archer's catchphrase.  You will then be aware that it has been hijacked by another character - who happens to be a villain, who also literally endangers Team Archer - as opposed to the figurative usage Archer is prone to using to wind up Lana.  Without knowing the link to previous episodes ('texts') this gag doesn't work.


  • His appearance may be modelled on Canadian Chris Hadfield, former captain of the International Space Station. Drake and Malory display sexual interest in each other, and Sterling accuses him of "trying to get my mother into the Million-Mile-High Club."
  • Drake's name is likely a reference to Hugo Drax, primary villain of the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker, which also took place in space.
  • His and Commander Kellogg's names are a reference to Frosted Flakes, a cereal produced by Kellogg's whose mascot is named Tony the Tiger.


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