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Theme Music consists of existing or original songs that play during the title sequence and closing credits of a TV show. The same song may be played during both sequences or each may feature different piece of music.

Archer features two different instrumental pieces of music for its opening title sequence and closing credit.

Opening Theme[]

The "Archer Theme Song" is featured during the opening title sequence and was composed and performed by Scott Sims.

Standard Version ( Seasons 1 - 7 ):
Jazz Version ( Seasons 8 ):
Island Version ( Seasons 9 ): File:ArcherThemeSong-Season9.ogg

Closing Theme[]

"The Killer" is featured during the closing credits and was composed by Mel Young.


  • Mel Young is uncredited.
  • The portion of "The Killer" used in the closing credits begins at the 46 second mark of the song.
  • Season 8 marks the first time the Opening Theme Music has been significantly altered. It was given more of a Jazz sound to match the theme of that season.
  • For season 2, the Opening Theme Music was extended by approximately 3 seconds by repeating a couple of bars in order to add Amber Nash and a silhouette of Pam Poovey to the credits. It was extended by another 3 seconds for season 5 using the same technique in order to add Lucky Yates and a silhouette of Dr. Krieger.

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