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S04E09-Tuntmore Towers

The Hotel as seen in "The Honeymooners".

The Tuntmore Towers Hotel is located on Park Avenue in New York City. Another hotel in the chain, the Tuntford Arms Hotel is in Los Angeles.

It is a very upscale hotel, and is thus very expensive. While sent to do recon on the North Koreans, Archer and Lana are to pretend to be newlyweds. Archer, naturally, splurges on exorbitant expenses at The Tuntmore and uses his mother's black titanium card. The Tuntmore is owned by Cheryl Tunt and the Tunt family. Thuy is seen working there.

S03E04-1st Tuntmore

Tuntmore in "The Man from Jupiter".

It first appears in the episode, "The Man From Jupiter", where Archer fails to bring home a woman, and her friend, who he later offends, and slaps him before leaving offscreen. Archer then encounters Burt Reynolds here, who he at first is delighted to meet, until he realizes that he had planned dinner reservations with Malory at the Hotel's bar.

Malory mentions going to meet Ron there for drinks in Viscous Coupling.

S04E09-Honeymoon suite

Archer and Lana in the Hotel's honeymoon suite.

It also appears as the main in the episode Baby Shower. Archer and Pam go here to ask Kenny Loggins if he could play Danger Zone at Lana's baby shower but were harshly escorted out of the building. They return disguised as a waiter, and a prostitute planning to sneak into Kenny's room to ask him directly. Pam holds off his bodyguard while Archer goes after Kenny, who mistakes him for a goon of one of his enemies that's been after his suitcase that Archer insists could only be harboring a human soul.

They reach the deck which has a glass pool hanging off the edge of the building that was later revealed to be Cheryl's doing. Pam fires at the pool, causing it to break. The water, along with Kenny are rushed vigorously off the side of the Tuntmore. Archer grabs Kenny's arm and saves his life. Kenny apologizes and agrees to play at the baby shower for Lana.