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The Nellis Aliens

The Nellis aliens are a pair of extra-terrestrials who were seen as they nonchalantly wander into the mess area of Nellis Airforce Base, in the episode Nellis (s6e7).


The Nellis Aliens appear to resemble 'Greys', with muscular yet slight frames.  They have over-sized heads for large brains which illuminate a reddish swirl when they communicate (which is via telepathy).


Brief encounter

Briefs encounter.

The Nellis Aliens walked into the mess area at the airbase but are only noticed by Krieger and Pam, who are visibly shocked.  They follow them and have a brief close encounter in their underwear in the hallway outside Section 9. The aliens communicate telepathically in the language of the person with whom they are communicating, granting them access to their names for the purposes of communication.

Et take us with you

Take us with you!

The message they communicate is the "key to understanding the universe as we see it."  It brought both Krieger and Pam to their knees in tears, prompting Pam to ask them to "take us with you".  Whatever their message, it was seemingly benevolent. 


The aliens disappear in a suitably sci-fi manner:  they clasp hands, their eyes begin to spin and they appear to bend


Beaming up

spacetime as they are sucked into a singularity within their eyes/consciousness.

Archer walks in at the last second of dematerializing and asks if Krieger had stuck his dick in a socket- he didn't see the greys and doesn't believe Pam did either.  

Ufo nellis


He whispers "the truth is out there" in mock support of her before saying, of course, he doesn't believe she saw anything, calling her a "stupid idiot".

In the final scene, they zip away in their UFO after it becomes visible in our dimension.



Aliens identical to The Nellis Aliens can be seen on the top right of Krieger's monitors in the season 11 episode The Orpheus Gambit in his van. Whether Krieger found this recording or made it himself is uncertain, it could be possible that Krieger maintains secret contact with the aliens.

Cultural References[]

Greys / ET / ALF / X-Files / Area 51 / UFOs / Brief Encounter / Close Encounter

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