Photo of all the members of the Double Deuce squadron

The Double Deuce Squadron (22 Squadron Royal Flying Corps, British Military) was a squad of biplane pilots and their soldier servants. They fought for the United Kingdom during World War I. Captain Reggie Thistleton was in charge of the unit and under his lead he started a tontine. The tontine started out at just over 1,200 pounds, but over the course of many decades, it increased to just over $1 million dollars.

When Captain Thistleton was shot down while flying his biplane by three enemy pilots, the crash didn't kill him, but he landed in No Man's Land. Despite this fact, Lieutenant Stripes became the acting captain. He chose not to send anyone after him, but Woodhouse went anyway. Reggie died in Woodhouse's arms when a sniper shot him through his neck.

In present day only three members of the Double Deuce were still alive. Lieutenant Stripes died due to a misunderstanding by Sterling Archer, so only Corporal Bishop and Woodhouse remain.

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