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The Agency teams up with Interpol to take down a highly organized ring of jewel thieves; Archer's skeptical, as their Interpol contact seems to be treating the mission as more of an audition.


Lana walks into her office where the usual gang is waiting, after discussing ongoing remodeling Lana turns on the office screen and discusses the "Vanguard", an organized group who have made a lot of money. Ray says this is their tryout for Interpol. After some discussion on why its important to do well and who should go Pam pushes her way into the trip while Cyril is left at the office. Immediately following this the construction workers--who have been standing in the back of the office ready to remodel it with glass walls so Lana can be more "Transparent"-- start their work and with the first hit, a decomposing body falls out of the wall (who this is it hinted to be answered later in the season, but to this date, we still do not have a clear answer). Lana says they should keep that to themselves only for a new worker, Kurt, to immediately walk in and see the dead body.

Following this we are shown Pam, Ray, and Archer on a plane discussing their Interpol contact whom they only know as "Agent X". While discussing how he is probably some "old washed-up hack" we cut to a young Female agent standing in front of a car. Her name is Zara Khan and she tells the gang that they are "officially independent consultants joining [her] on a fact-finding mission"[1]. After rushing to a house, Zara punches the man who opens the door and we then cut back to the "B" plot of Lana, Krieger, Cyril, and Cheryl discussing the body found in the wall earlier. After discussing how they will uncover who the dead body was, Lana says she'd better go back and "threaten" the employee who saw the body earlier, only for him to happen to be standing there the whole time and he says he has already told the whole office.

We again quickly cut back to the main story where Zara interrogates and then proceeds to steal a large emerald using a "Hypersonic Punch" that she brought, Archer asks if this is just crime. Zara explains that they stole the emerald from the old man because it is actually the eye to a golden dragon statue, and that they would steal the other one the next day. Zara's reasoning for this is that by doing all of this high-end crime they will get invited into Vanguard. Pam, Archer, and Ray seem skeptical of this, especially Archer, this causes Ray to accuse him of being upset that Zara is not into him which Archer retorts that he knows this isn't true because he knows "reverse body language". After they all agree to go back to their rooms where they would drink and masturbate we cut to Archer on the street corner pretending to read the news paper. Archer then follows Zara to a rooftop restaurant where he sees Zara with Pam and Ray eating dinner, this angers Archer and as they bicker Pam says she has turned her phone off which leads us to cut back to the agencies headquarters.

Back at the office the background office workers are grouping up in order to get the truth to what happened that caused the dead man to get stuck in the wall. Cyril says it was the reenactment of a play gone wrong and Cheryl says it was someone annoying they needed to get rid of. Lana dismisses these theories and is honest with her employees saying that they don't know how or why the body got there but that since they all signed a NDA and a declaration that they "might see disturbing things at this job"[1] they couldn't do anything about it.

After this meeting disburses Archer calls Cyril and forces him to do a background check on Zara Khan, Cyril refuses but is told to do so anyway. Archer then tells Pam and Ray that Cyril said her record was perfect, Zara then jump scares them and begins to tell them the mission of infiltrating the museum to steal the diamond. After successfully sneaking in, and while getting changed, Zara apologizes to Archer for getting him the wrong sized clothes and says it's impressive the shape he keeps himself in at his age. Following this, Ray tells Pam about his work as a waiter at a restaurant in his hometown and how his humiliation there caused him to have trouble doing what they were told to do, make a diversion, at what they find out is actually the wedding of an Archduke and a movie star. After Ray is found out to be a Olympic athlete, and that there is a whole table there that are big fans, he refuses to do his part of the mission. Pam then proceeds to start a fight with him and this causes the guards for the emerald to leave it, allowing Zara and Archer sneak in and steal it.

After smashing the glass and taking the emerald, Archer and Zara begin to run out of the building with Archer being continually suspicious of Zara. At the same time, Pam receives a call from Lana about the HR complaints of the dead body. As they are all running out Cyril receives a fax and realizes that the info they got from Interpole about Zara was not real and that they were tricked because the fake agency used "a zero instead of an O" archer immediately pulls his gun on Zara and through some quick thinking Zara convinces Archer that she did what she did to get around bureaucratic yellow tape. Archer buys this and helps her escape onto the streets below, but as they are getting away Zara double crosses Archer again and kicks him off the bike, proving Archers suspicions were right all along.

Following this we cut back to the office where Lana has decided to toughen up and says to the grouped "minions" that Cyril messed up, they should have known what they were getting into when they were hired, and that they could walk out now or get a 5% raise. While this is happening, Krieger is dumping the body down the elevator shaft right behind where Lana is making her speech. After the workers dispersed again, Lana says to herself "Wow, Pam sure does know her shit. Blame Cyril, tough love, raise"[1]. This forces Cheryl to bring up the question of Lana's "glass office walls" to which Lana responds that "People who live in glass houses are fսcking morons."[1]

We now cut back to Archer walking back to the groups' base in Paris where Zara, Pam, and Ray are waiting. It turns out that Zara secured a meeting for them with Vanguard, Archer realizes he might not be right in thinking Zara was just a thief, and when he turns to meet the Vanguard consort they are all shot with tranquilizer darts and the screen cuts to black.


Cultural References[]

  • Archer says "Who cares?" to Lana's talk of a jewel thief conglomerate, he then says "Unless... ( gasps ) Are we working for magpies?" A magpie is a bird in the Corvidae family, said birds have a misconception around them that they steal shiny things.
  • While waiting for the plane to unload, Archer grabs his carry on bag and accidentally hits another passenger, the passenger looks at archer angerly and in retort to this Archer says "Look at me like that again, and I'll slap you like a Huguenot" Huguenot is another name for a Calvinist, Archers line is referring to how the 17th century French government, specifically Louis XIV, implemented the French policy of Dragonnades who would go into Huguenot houses and destroy/steal their possessions and harass those who would not convert back to Catholicism.
  • While discussing what Zara is doing during initial interrogations, Ray says "she doesn't look like a cat burglar" A cat burglar is a term used for a burglar who breaks into homes quietly and sneakily
  • Cyril's theory for how the dead body got into the wall is that he was "rehearsing a one-man show of "The Cask of Amontillado" that, hmm, got a little out of hand." The Cask of Amontillado is a short story by Edgar Allen Poe of a Murderer's perspective of someone being buried alive.
  • After Pam headbutts an Archduke, Ray says "It's not like violence against an Archduke ever led to something bad." This is a reference to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the spark that lit off WWI.
  • When discussing how they will get into Vanguard, Archer suggests Zara's plan is like "rushing the Vanguard's fraternity?". In response to this Pam says she cannot participate as she's been paddled so much that if she continued she would develop "dead ass". This is an actual disease known as gluteal amnesia this disease causes the muscles in the butt to stop being able to do their job.
  • When getting changed Archer says "Who was this for, Gertrude Ederle? Because I am swimming in this." Gertrude Ederle was the first American woman to swim across the English Channel.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Running Gag on Archer missing easy one-liners: Archer says to Zara "You're the mole at Interpole" Zara retorts with "Intermole". Archer then says "Damn it, it was right there."
  • After Zara steals the emerald Pam says "Sploosh"
  • After initially saying that she was going to be more transparent, Lana responds to Cyril's question about spy agency transparency with "because shut up"
  • The opening of this episode has Lana walking from the elevator to her office. This opening is similar to the opening in Stage Two or White Elephant.


  • Cyril is on a new fitness regiment, perhaps referring to trying to again reach the state he was in during Archer's coma.
  • While at the wedding, a random guest comes up to Ray and asks if he won the bronze medal in "giant slalom" this is a call back to Swiss Miss where Ray told Archer about his Olympic tenure.


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