The Tex Tacles is an outlaw motorcycle club that appears in Archer Vice. Their name is a reference to the Xtacles from Frisky Dingo, and it is possible that former Xtacles founded the club after the events in Frisky Dingo, since other characters from the show also exist in the Archer universe such as Mr. Ford and Simone.

It appears that there possibly was a larger storyline involving the Tex Tacles than their one appearance attempting to steal the cocaine in “Southbound and Down”, as Archer’s dream montage shows them kidnapping Cherlene on stage, blowing up the tour bus (with Ray present) and capturing Archer and Lana, who escape on one of their motorcycles.

There are seven known members of the club. Cherlene calls one “Treebeard” when she yells that he can do unspeakable things to and/or on her. His real name is unknown. “Treebeard” rides a chopper with an early 1960s Harley-Davidson panhead engine.

The club insignia of a skull with two crossed pistons is a reference to the real world Outlaws MC.


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