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Tex is Rudy's dream persona in Season 10: Archer 1999.


Tex is a humanoid Cat-Man who looks similar to his real-life counterpart Rudy.


Plot Involvement[]

He claims to be a spy, though this is unconfirmed. He is referred to as Tav as Tex once, however it is unknown if this is his name, a nickname or codename.

For most of the episode, he is chasing or fighting the MV Seamus crew to obtain Mr. Deadly who MV Seamus/Malory Archer promised she would give Tex in an effort to make a profit and get rid of the sentient doomsday device. At the end of the episode, he and Tav are mortally blasted by Archer, but before Tex could die, he utters, "Please detonate," the code that initiates the detonation of Mr. Deadly. Before Mr. Deadly could explode, Archer triggers his personalized, identity-locked temporary singularity grenade to teleport Mr. Deadly elsewhere, preventing the imminent death of the MV Seamus crew, but unfortunately, Tex and Tav were sucked into the black hole. It's assumed that both of them died from the explosion or the blast from Archer's weapon.

Cultural References[]


  • Like how his real-life counterpart accompanies Charles, Rudy's dream persona Tex is introduced alongside Charles's dream persona.

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