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Sterling Archer (Dreamland), or Archer P.I., is the dream persona of Sterling Archer in Season 8: Dreamland.


Archer's dream persona is a former WW2 G.I (General Infantryman) and decorated war hero turned private investigator (private eye). According to Mother, he fought in "Normandy, Omaha Beach, by way of North Africa and Sicily," , and "after Normandy, through France and Belgium all the way to Berlin". He was awarded a "Bronze Star with two oak leaves and "V" device, Legion of Merit, Croix de Guerre with Palm, Silver Star with two oak leaves, distinguished service cross with one oak leaf and "V" device, three Purple Hearts..." turned down a "battlefield commission to 2nd Lieutenant" and "left the army the same rank he went in - "Buck Private".


  • Begins the season dapper, and gets progressively more disheveled
  • Wears a trilby, waistcoat, tie and long overcoat
  • Progressively gets physically and psychologically broken down

Character Traits[]

  • Doesn't like authority/taking orders.
  • A little crazy.
  • Has regular flashbacks to the war.
  • Hopeless romantic.
  • Fiercely loyal (to Woodhouse).
  • Valiant, noble.
  • Despises misogyny/preying on weak.
  • Drinker - and a drink driver.
  • Non-smoker.

Plot Involvement[]

The whole plot unfolds as a consequence of him trying to figure out who killed Woodhouse and "avenge his death".


  • Following the events at the end of season 7, real-world Archer is shown as having been in a coma for 3 months.
  • Archer is now depicted as a dream persona with the same physical attributes as his real-life counterpart.
  • Woodhouse is still a close associate, only rather than being his servant, he is his partner at their private detective firm, "Woodhouse and Archer."
  • Archer is still a heavy drinker, only fewer cocktails and more "Bourbon on the Rocks".
    • Old Buncombe is his preferred brand, just like in the real world.
  • Archer uses the line "one of two things is going to happen here", which was originally from Sea Tunt Part 2.
  • Just as Archer never reads his briefings in real life, he doesn't bother to read the file labeled "Archer: open in the event of my murder! Cordially, Woodhouse".

Cultural References[]


  • "Buck Private"[1]: the lowest rank in the United States Armed Forces.
  • 2nd Armored Division: according to Mother's recital of Archer's service record, Archer could only have been a soldier in the 2nd Armored Division since that is the only US Army division to follow that path and enter Berlin.
  • Decorations:


  • Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933): Archer mentions this film in relation to Lana's extravagant taste for Pierre Beauvais Rouge, which she doesn't drink and extinguishes her cigarette in the bottle.
  • Buck Privates (1941): a possible reference is to this musical military comedy.
  • Terminator 2: judgement day (1991) evil Barry grabs onto the back of a car simulating the scene where the evil terminator grabs onto the back of the car, also when he asks for the gay bikers clothes you see these cultural References



Figgis: Oh hey, and Archer - come to think of it - where were you last night?
Archer: Ask your wife.


Archer: [Narrating] I wanted to get mixed up with mobsters like Mother and Len Trexler about as much as I wanted a new hole in my head, but I meant it when I said I would do anything to find Woodhouse's killer. Although truth be told, I'd also do anything to see Lana Kane again. So here I am, headed straight into the belly of the beast, nothing between me and death but my wits and the cold, blue steel of my .45. Ha! I've no idea why I'm telling you all this [turns to dog] - or why I picked you up. I don't even know where you're going. Hopefully Longbeach.
Dog: Bark!
Archer: Well too bad!

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