Spirodon Skorpio
First appearance "Skorpio"
Voiced by Rafael Ferrer
Age Unknown (deceased)
Hair Black w/ grey streaks
Languages English
Occupation Terrorist and arms dealer
Personal Life
"Two minutes, my love. I am just now again re-shaving my balls again."
—Spirodon Skorpio[src]

Spirodon Skorpio was the main antagonist in the episode "Skorpio". He was a Greek terrorist and arms dealer, most recently involved in planning a sale of Redeye missiles to the world's most dangerous terrorists, on his yacht the Argo. He forced Lana Kane and Sterling Archer to have a ménage à trois with him when they are sent to assassinate him. Afterwards he orders his men to kill them, but in the attempt and gun battle, Sterling shoots a crate of explosives. The resulting explosion destroys the Argo and likely kills Skorpio and his men.


  • His name could possibly be a reference to Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons. Scorpio is a super villian who conquered the East Coast in the Simpsons universe.
  • Skorpio is apparently bisexual and has a chocolate fetish.
  • He is probably a reference to Vladimir Scorpius, an arms dealer in the 1988 James Bond novel.