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Agent Holly (or Hawley) first appeared as a member of the FBI, leading the raid on ISIS after the discovery it had been acting without sanction from the United States. He is later revealed to actually be a fairly high-ranking CIA agent.

Character Biography[]

Agent Holly first appeared in Season 5, as the FBI agent who arrests the employees of ISIS on the basis of treason. 

He then appears in Archer Vice: House Call to check up on the ISIS team to make sure they are not still committing treason, drug trafficking, or working with the Yakuza

He appears again at the end of Filibuster with Slater to Archer's shock. He tells Archer that he is actually CIA and that he is and his hired mercenaries are the actual rebels of San Marcos. The entire operation, beginning with ISIS' closure, had been an undercover CIA operation to deplete the CIA's annual budget by monetizing the weapons traded for cocaine from San Marcos. 

In Arrival/Departure Malory blackmails Holly into reopening ISIS under the CIA's payroll, claiming she would take the offer to Slater his partner, and dump his body out of the airplane after she shot him should he refuse, along with trading a $40,000,000 painting and a canister of nerve gas recovered from San Marcos. 

He'd appear in the season finale of season 6 and was in charge of the special mission involving Dr. Sklodowska. While he waited with word from the group with Malory, he saw first hand how Malory treated A.J. over her "dieting". He tried to convince Malory, himself, that A.J. was normal sized for a baby. He had to feed A.J. since Malory refused to do it, convinced she was too fat. When the mission was botched, he permanently fired Malory and her team. 


Season 5[]

Season 6[]


  • His name is/may be a reference to Detective Harry Hole, star of crime novels by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo.
  • Aside from her family, Agent Holly is one of the few characters to actually interact with A.J. He may actually have bonded with her, as he cared for her when Malory wouldn't. He even went so far to play and talked baby-talk to her. He called her an "unlucky" baby though after the mission was botched; most likely because of how he knew Malory was treating her.