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"Archer Dreamland: Sleepers Wake" is the fifth episode of Season 8, and the ninetieth episode overall.



Dutch (Barry) becomes a new man while Archer's ransom exchange goes up in smoke.


Lana tries to seduce Archer for a cut of the ransom as he races Figgis and Poovey to collect the money.


Cultural References[]

  • I Walked with a Zombie (1943): The coroner & assistant coroner both ask if Figgis is the titular zombie from this American horror film when he emerges from the body storage drawer.
  • Cuy: Another name for Guinea pigs which were originally domesticated for their meat in the Andes and continue to be a major part of the diet in Peru and Bolivia.
  • Spectacled bear: Pam mentions this last surviving species of bear which is native to South America.
  • Pisco sour: This is an alcoholic cocktail of Peruvian origin. The Peruvian pisco sour uses Peruvian pisco as the base liquor and adds Key lime (or lemon) juice, syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters.
  • Hollywood Sign: Constructed in 1923, this landmark and American cultural icon located in Los Angeles, California and is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The version of the sign shown, reading "HOLLYWOODLAND", is how it looked in early 1947, prior to the "H" being knocked down in an accident. In 1949 the sign received its first restoration which included the replacing of the "H" and the permanent removal of the "LAND" portion leaving the now iconic "HOLLYWOOD".
  • Salmon P. Chase: As stated by Cecil Vandertunt, Salmon P. Chase's portrait adorned the $10,000 bill printed from 1928 to 1946. This was to honor Chase for his time as Secretary of the Treasury during which he introduced the first paper currency as well as a national bank, both during the American Civil War.
  • Hearst Castle: The pool area of the Vandertunt Castle again visually references the pool area of the real world estate of the American publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst.
  • Woolite: After Lana states that Archer "finished" (during sex), Archer suggests that she try using this brand of laundry detergent to clean her sheets.
  • Blue balls: Implying that she didn't orgasm during her sexual encounter with Archer, Lana states that she has a pair of "blue lady balls". 'Blue balls' is a slang term normally used by males when they experience prolonged sexual arousal without ejaculation.
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) : 'Dutch' Dylan entering the biker bar naked and telling a biker that "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle" followed by a bar fight is a recreation of the iconic scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger as a T-800 Terminator first arrives in the past to protect young John Connor in this second installment of the Terminator film series.
  • The Wild One (1953): The biker to which Dutch asks for his clothes is dressed identically to Johnny Strabler, played by Marlon Brando in this American film which is considered to be the original outlaw biker film. The only differences being that in the film the jacket has the biker club initials "B·R·M·C" instead of "F·C·M·C", a slight change in the logo and the name "Johnny" stitched on the front which is absent from the biker's jacket seen in this episode.
  • Lowsider: The name of the biker bar Dutch enters, The Lowsider Bar & Club is named after a type of motorcycle crash usually occurring in a turn. It is caused when either the front or rear wheel slides out as a result of either too much braking into the corner, too much acceleration through or out of the corner, or too much speed carried into or through the corner for the available grip.
  • Carolyn Keene: When Charlotte Vandertunt asked if Mother wasn't planning on blindfolding and hiding her in a bomb shelter, Mother responds by asking if she is this collective pseudonym for the authors of the Nancy Drew mystery stories and The Dana Girls mystery stories.
  • Red Skull: Charlotte Vandertunt mentions the fictional supervillain and archenemy of the superhero Captain America, Johann Schmidt (aka, Red Skull) in her Nazi kidnap/rape fantasy.
  • Griffith Observatory: This international emblem of Los Angeles, California, sits on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles' Griffith Park and commands a view of the Los Angeles Basin. It features an extensive array of space and science-related displays and since its opening in 1935 has been used extensively as a filming location for both movies and television.
  • Topiary gardens: The drop point where Cecil Vandertunt delivers the ransom money is in a public garden where the plants have been subjected to topiary, a horticultural practice of training perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and sub-shrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes.
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985): Dutch crashing the bike into a billboard might be a reference to a scene where the protagonist Pee-wee Herman crashes a bike he won dancing the song Tequila into a billboard.

Running Gags[]

  • Jumping Right In:  Dutch starts the episode with:
"So, uhhh, what are we doing? Are we just jumping right into this? or...what's the deal?"
[This is a callback to Archer's opening line in ​Berenice (s8e2)​.  For analysis, see Jumping Into Dreamland].
  • Hotdog! : Det. Poovey & the Coroner are both shown to be eating hotdogs at a random time.
  • Food causing crash :  On separate occassions, Archer throws a half-eaten ice-cream, and Pam throws a half-eaten hotdog, from a moving vehicle, resulting in the food hitting a car and the car screeching to a stop.
  • Ba-Dum Tshh : In Dreamland, after Archer makes a joke, a rimshot is heard followed by Ray yelling "Diminishing returns, Cliff" off camera.
  • say that : ....
  • Other Barry : Dutch begins to refer to himself in the third person just as Barry Dylan does in the reality.
  • Figgis Dream Karma : Det. Poovey again points out that Det. Figgis' wife cheated on him with Archer.
  • Faux Voice Over : Again a scene begins with what appears to be Archer doing a film noir style voice over while in his car only to cut to a reveal that shows him talking to a previously unseen passenger. This time it is Trinette.
  • Cat licking it's arse : Krieger's cat continues it's favourite pastime as established in Ladyfingers (s8e4).


  • Reality (Non-Dream) :
    • None
  • Dream/Reality Crossover :
    • (Dream) This is the first appearance of a then unnamed prostitute dream persona of Trinette. / (Reality) The actual non-dream Trinette McGoon was last seen in Stage Two (s2e8).
    • (Dream) The name of the blue serum Krieger uses to prevent systemic shock in his cyborg creations is 'Factor K' / (Reality) Krieger offers 'Factor K', a homosexuality-inducing serum, to Archer and Danny the intern in Honeypot (s1e5).
    • (Dream) Krieger says to his cat "If I wanted your arse hole on my mouth I'd do it while you're asleep" / (Reality) In Blood Test (s2e3), Archer says to Woodhouse "If I wanted to look at your bare feet Woodhouse, I'd sneak in and do it while you were asleep".
  • Dream (Non-Reality) :
    • This episode begins immediately where the previous episode, "Ladyfingers", left off.
    • Krieger's laboratory is revealed to be in the basement of the Dreamland Club.
    • Dutch is shown with his new mechanical arms and legs that he unwillingly received from Krieger in "Ladyfingers".
    • Det. Figgis wakes up in a body storage drawer at the L.A. County Morgue just where Archer placed him after knocking him out in "Ladyfingers".
    • Det. Figgis once again threatens to shoot Det. Poovey, this time with her service revolver. He last threatened her with his own gun in "Jane Doe"
    • Det. Figgis notices blood on Det. Poovey's gun and assumes that she beat a Guinea pig to death with it. However, it is actually his own blood from when Poovey hit him over the back of the head, knocking him out at the county morgue in "Ladyfingers".


  • Title Explained: ....
  • Archer Dreamland: Sleepers Wake is the second episode NOT to list Adam Reed among the vocal cast.
    • However, Ray can still be heard yelling at Cliff in the background following one of his rimshots.
    • The first episode not to feature Reed was Killing Utne (s1e4)
  • The Germans in the flashback car chase are driving a Kubelwagen 81, designed by Ferdinand Porsche and manufactured by Volkswagen.


  • Los Angeles, California (Dream)
    • Dreamland
    • L.A. County Morgue
    • L.A. Police Station ( 1947 )
      • Detective Figgis' office
    • Len Trexler's mansion
      • Bathroom
      • Study
    • Detective Poovey's Apartment ( Flashback )
    • Lana Kane's Apartment (1947)
    • The Lowsider Bar & Club
    • Griffith Observatory
    • Topiary gardens
  • Unknown location outside of L.A. (Dream)

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