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Fuchs in 'Loose Goose'

Siegbert Fuchs (pronounced "Fucks")[1] is the dream persona of Cyril Figgis in Season 9 "Danger Island", where he acts as the main antagonist.


"Despite his insistence that he is on Mitimotu as an exporter of breadfruit, every single person on the island suspects that Siegbert Fuchs is a German agent. A torrid love affair with Princess Lanaluakalani seems like more than any man could handle, but is that what Mr. Fuchs is really after?"[2]


  • Cream coloured three-piece safari suit, panama hat, glasses.
  • Hair greying above temples.


  • In (s9e1), Fuchs' desire to establish a bread-fruit plantation may just be a ruse: after fearing for his life in (s9e2), he announces that nothing is worth the terror of encountering the jungle's komodo dragon population and that he no longer cares about 'the idol' - something which he is the first to bring up. (The idol does in fact become the macguffin of the season.)
  • In (s9e3), he discusses purchasing the idol with Lanaluakalani, who refers to it as tupua, which means 'strange being' or 'object of fear' in the Maori language.
  • In (s9e4), he discusses his intention to kill the 'wild cannibals' by bombing them with Ziegler.
  • In (s9e5), his psychotic side is foreshadowed when he says the German troops can shoot "anything they want", and later shoots one of his own troops in the head for his idiocy.
  • In (s9e7), his mania and drug-fuelled antics can be traced to the scene in (s9e5) where he injects amphetamines between his toes.

Character Traits[]

Initially, Fuchs' character is:

  • Reserved, clipped
  • Secretive, mysterious
  • Cowardly, timid, 'limp'
  • Well-endowed: 
    • refers to his schlong variously as a pencil, carrot. or his life force, but thinks it's not a topic to discuss.

Our suspicions are alerted when he is then revealed to be:

  • Greasy, nymphomaniac, creepy/rapey and an
  • Amphetamine user (intravenous)[3]

Before being later shown as a:

  • Psychotic, murderous, power-hungry lunatic.


His reserved/timid character early on is just a ruse to get Lanaluakalani to give him the map with the location of the idol, and misdirection for the audience.  He is secretive because his intentions are stereotypically nefarious: his true character is demonic. Lanaluakalani's father refers to him as a snake; he gets entangled with a snake in the 2nd episode; snakes are symbolic of the devil; teufel (German for 'devil') is used on a number of occasions.  All are allusions to Fuchs being a sneaky, venomous and deadly monster. Our opinion of him progressively worsens as his true character is revealed.   

Cultural References[]

  • Ahnenerbe (1939-45): Fuchs’ cover story to Lanaluakalani is that he wants the idol for archeological reasons. This would associate him with this think tank which promoted racial doctrines, and sponsored archeological excavations worldwide prior to WWII.  
    • However, he appears to be a member of a undisclosed German intelligence organization, either the Abwehr (German military intelligence) or the Nazi Party intelligence service, the Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service).
  • Klaus Fuchs (1911-1988): His name might refer to the real life Soviet spy within the WWII American nuclear weapons program, the Manhattan Project.
  • Amphetamine: Fuchs is seen injecting the drug between his toes; amphetamine (and methamphetamine) were used extensively by both the Allied and Axis forces for their stimulant and performance-enhancing effects. Hitler was administered methamphetamine by his physican Theodor Morell (amongst many, many other things).[4] 
  • Stuka Pills: Pervitin was the brand name for the methamphetamine pills given to German troops. Also known as "Herman-Göring-Pills", their use was cut back sharply in 1940 due to the severity of the side-effects.  Psychotic zombie Nazis are the worst kind of Nazis, even to Nazis.
  • Safari Suit: A safari jacket or bush jacket is a garment originally designed for the purpose of going on safari in the African bush. When paired with trousers or shorts, it becomes a safari suit. Such attire is commonly associated with European explorers in hotter climes.
    • Raiders of the Lost Ark (1918): Given his characters role, Fuchs' outfit suggests an homage to the character of Bellocq in this film, who also wore a cream suit and Panama hat while searching for a lost treasure.  (Raiders was an inspiration for Tales of the Gold Monkey, which was also an inspiration for Danger Island.)
  • Dr Strangelove (1964):Fuchs' uncontrollable gesture of raising his fist and reaffirming the omnipotence of Germany (in this case, how puns in other languages are inferior to puns in German), bears an increasing relation to Peter Sellers' eponymous mad scientist.  
  • Adolf HitlerFuchs' Pervitin mustache, hair and increasingly manic behavior all refer to the German Führer.


[To Pam, Princess Lanaluakalani and Crackers]:
Fuchs: "Verdammte Idioten!" [damned idiots!]


Fuchs:  [To Pam] "Fette Schlampe!" [fat bitch!]


Fuchs: "Nothing is worth this!  I don't care about the idol!"
Pam: "Do what?"
Crackers: "What Idol?"
Lana: "What, wait, what, no he said...arggghh!"


Nazi 1: "Can we  shoot the lizards and the snakes?"
Fuchs: "Yes - of course!"
Nazi 2:  "Can we shoot the cannibals?"


Fuchs ( to self) vast ist los?( what is this?)
Win fennster ich brechen ( the lock is broken)broken)broken)....
Fuchs to Krieger: ist Fledermausse! Fledermausse! ( it's a bat, a bat!)
Person 2: Krieger: Scwawk, scwawck!
Person 3: Pam to Archer ( oh man...plan B is the best!)

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