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"Shots" is the fifth episode of the twelfth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and twenty-third episode overall.



Sex, drugs, and monster trucks. Archer and the gang celebrate another barely successful mission.


After a tense debriefing from Malory about their barely successful mission, Sandra who is now working with them, tells everyone they're overworked and suggests they go out for drinks together; which they haven't done since Archer went into his coma. They all agreed to go out but then soon realized how boring they become. Lana still not happy with her marriage, tries to hit on every guy she meets but gets rejected much to her dismay and fears that being married has made her boring and unattractive. Soon they break of into two groups. Pam takes Cheryl, Krieger, Lana and Sandra on a "Pampage" with Robert's black card, while Archer actually feeling bad that he broke Cyril, so he tries to cheer him up to "fix" him. Not knowing they are being followed by the thugs from their recent mission to retrieve the chip they took, which nobody knows whats on it.

Pam takes her gang to an underground monster truck/fight club/concert warehouse party, while they all wear "Pampage" T-shirts. After that Pam steals a monster truck and takes the gang (minus Sandra) to a male strip club, where they meet Prince Fawad Fawaz who remembers them and invites them to his apartment; which Lana agrees to and plans to have sex with him. Archer goes to all of Cyril's hangout places and actually enjoys himself. But then get a call from Pam telling them they accidentally overdose the Prince, so they plan to dispose of his body before they get caught.

They go to the harbor to dispose of a seemly dead Prince, but the thugs who have been following them all night, corner them at the harbor with a nerve gas bomb they throw at them, but Cyril kicks the bomb back at them, killing them. As they place the Prince and the thugs in the truck then roll them into the harbor, the Prince soon wakes up but is then saved by Archer at the last minute.

Sandra then joins them at the harbor telling them that the truck full of nerve gas has caused severe damage to the harbor ocean, calling them "monster", but don't seem to care. Pam then leads a chant with the gang joining in, but soon falls into to water screaming "Pampage".


Cultural References[]

  • Charles Van Doren - Charles Van Doren was a man involved in a television quiz show scandal in the 1950's, Archer reveals that he was the person who outed Mr. Van Doren which "destroyed" him.
  • Fight Club - In the warehouse, Krieger fights an imaginary person in a secret warehouse club and is visibly beaten up much like Tyler Durden. Both the underground fight ring and the imaginary fighter are references to the popular cult classic 1999 movie Fight Club.
  • Edward Albert Counsel - One of the men trying to get revenge on the agency for stealing the microchips quotes one of Edward Counsel's more notable quotes "revenge is but a small circle".

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Krieger's Deviance - Krieger made a new experimental psychedelic which the rats he tested them on seemed to like before they died.
S12E05-Sploosh and gang

Pam introduces the gang to Sploosh.

  • Sploosh! - Pam refers to the bouncer at the warehouse club as "Sploosh" to which Lana asks "Is that where that comes from?" revealing that the bouncer is where the origin of Sploosh! comes from.
  • Pam calls Archer freaking out saying they need to get rid of a body. Archer arrives at Fawad's penthouse apartment to a very familiar situation the agency experienced in season 3. Archer even says they need a bone-saw, the same tool Krieger used in that very situation.
  • When talking to Cyril in the planetarium Archer tells Cyril he "kinda spent a year in space", referencing his dream persona in Archer: 1999.


  • Fawad Fawaz the crown prince of the Kingdom of Durhan remembers the agency from their original meeting at Cheryl's mansion in season 6.
  • Pam talks about the "Archer effect" that Archer has projected onto Cyril, making him regress since he has awakened from his coma.
  • Sploosh asks if Krieger, Sandra, Cheryl & Lana are "sacrifices for the ring" a reference to the underground fighting ring Pam used to participate in.


  • Malory has a swear jar, which was nearly filled to the brim when brought out to put another coin in.
  • It is revealed the agency hasn't gone out for drinks or fun since Archer has been in a coma.
  • The "Archer effect" is brought up in this episode much like in Cold Fusion where Archer rebutted "ever consider that you need me around, because you want the excuse to be your worst selves?!" which brings in to question how much is it actually Archer's fault that Cyril regressed as an agent and person.
  • Lana is self-conscious about being boring and less attractive since being married, she starts to flirt with other guys and almost sleeps withe Prince Fawad "again".
  • Cheryl says Archer started a domino effect of "ruining" people which started with Cyril who ruined Lana, who ruined Pam, who ruined Cheryl
  • Sandra works with the Agency now on environmental issues.
  • Cheryl is wearing shoes she stole.
  • Cheryl asks Archer if he's not referring to his coma as a "sabbatical" anymore, which is a period of paid leave.
  • While high on his experimental psychedelics, Krieger fights his imaginary dad in the fight ring but still had bruises and blood on his face despite fighting no-one.
  • Sploosh the bouncer is working on his master's degree in architecture.
  • When Pam grabs two bottles from the bar, Mescal and Schützenmeister, Lana refers to them as Mescal and Shütze. Ironically, the German term shütze means shooter, but also Archer.


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