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Sheriff E.Z Ponder is the sheriff of Ferlin, West Virginia. His only appearance is in "Bloody Ferlin", when Ray, Archer, and Cheryl are deceived in to helping Ray's brother, Randy to save his marijuana farm.


E.Z. Ponder was a high school classmate of Ray who used to pick on him for his effeminate mannerisms, and by his own admission was "a dick in high school". As an adult, he would come to regret and apologize to Ray for this.

When Randy starts farming marijuana, Ponder tries to peacefully reason with him due to his history with the Gillettes. When Randy refuses to compromise despite EZ's initial restraint, Ponder is forced to get aggressive, compelling Randy to call on the help of Ray, along with Archer and Cheryl to hold the fort, though this is under the pretense that Ponder wants to capitalize on their marijuana by stealing it, whereas EZ was simply trying to do his job and shut down an illegal dope farm.

When Ray finds out about Randy's deception, he surrenders and Ponder makes his peace with him.


  • EZ appears in S14 EP1 “The Anglerfish Stratagem”. He is seated with the mayor of Ray’s home town in a flash back sequence. He is being a dick to Ray in is high school years as mentioned in the S3 episode “Bloody Ferlin.”
  • EZ is an elder at the church he attends. He attempted to use this as leverage to try to get Randy to quit dealing drugs, but this was unsuccessful.

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