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"It's been a while since I've seen her in anything, but she was incredible in Shanghai Moon."
"Oh, my God, that dress?"
Diedrich and Harris[src]

Shanghai Moon is a fictitious film classic directed by Ellis Crane and starring Veronica Deane.


The film starred Veronica Deane, who is implied to have worn an insanely provocative dress.

The film is noted to have been seen by Diedrich and Harris,[1] Sterling Archer,[1] Ray Gillette,[1] and Slater,[2] among others.


  • The film is a nod to the 1947 noir mystery The Lady From Shanghai.
  • Rita Hayworth famously wore a very provocative strapless gown in the movie and was featured wearing it on most of the promotional posters.
  • Rita Hayworth is most likely to be the inspiration for the character of Veronica Deane.
  • The "dress" that Veronica Deane wore in the movie is brought up every time she is referenced. However, it's never seen on the show.


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