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Gunter Ziegler is a minor dream persona in Season 9 "Danger Island".  His real-life reference is a bit hard to point out as he's not a 100% identifiable.  


Character Traits[]

  • Competitive
  • Nasty
  • Arrogant

Plot Involvement[]

Ziegler arrives on Mitimotu in A Warrior in Costume (s9e4) ostensibly to help Fuchs bomb the cannibals and gain easier access to the idol, or tupua.  He ends up involved in a dogfight with Archer (and Pam as the tail gunner).


In a series of flashbacks and in conversation with Fuchs, Ziegler is revealed to be a German fighter ace who fought in the Spanish Civil War. He took part in the bombing of Guernica making him part of the Condor Legion. He was Archer's nemesis, shooting him down 5 times.

Cultural References[]


Ziegler: "Who taught you how to shoot? Your husband?"



  • Many fans believe that Ziegler is Danger Island's reference to Barry Dylan due to their resemblance and antagonistic relationship with Archer in real life. 
  • Some even theorized that he's more closely reminiscent to Trent Whitney, especially seeing he seemed to bother Archer more than Barry did.
  • It is possible considering that Richard Stratton IV was reused for the beginning of Danger Island, Trent Whitney was also used for Gunter Ziegler.
  • As Season 9 takes place in Archer's subconscious, it is perhaps easier to see him as a compound of Archer's various real life nemeses.
  • The facial expression resemble that of Lucas Troy in season 4. However, the hair color is not identical...
  • Lucas or Barry is a relationship based on a fraternal rivalry. Perhaps, the conflict with Ziegler is a reference to two romances not accepted by Archer.

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