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Noah is a minor dream persona in Season 9 "Danger Island".  He is more or less the exact representation of the 'real life' Noah whom Archer encounters in the Heart of Archness Trilogy (episodes 1-3, season 3).


  • Dishevelled, flustered
  • Raggedy and filthy shirt
  • Left arm missing below the elbow; eaten by cannibals

Character Traits[]

  • Timid yet adventurous
  • Literalist (takes Archer's sarcasm literally)

Plot Involvements[]

  • Noah arrives as on the scene as Pam and Archer are being held captive by the mua mua (natives) amid preparations for a feast.
  • Archer doesn't recognise him and needs reminding, despite having spent time with the real Noah in the Heart of Archness trilogy. (This lamp-shades the implausibility of him being on the same island as Archer again, but then it is Archer's subconscious recollecting him, so...)  
  • Noah is four years into his doctoral thesis on the mua mua and is forced to leave his thesis behind as he manages to convince Archer and Pam to let him escape with them as they take off in search of the tupua (idol).  
    • He made the paper for his thesis 'from scratch'.

Cultural References[]

  • Anthropology - the study of human beings (nature) and their behaviour (culture)


Archer: "Goddammit!  Eat a dick cannibals!"
Noah: "It's funny you say that.  Actually- "
Archer: "It's a figure of speech Noah!"
Pam: "No - let him finish!"
Noah: "I was gonna say that they don't eat the penis.  The testicles though..."


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