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Strange Pilot[]

  • Dialog Translations
    • (Samoan): "Lātou te iloa." / (English): "They know"
    • (French): "Votre Altesse" / (English): "Your Highness"
    • (French): "Et pourquoi me parles-tu en français?" / (English): "And why do you speak to me in French?"
    • (French): "Parce que la langue officielle de Mitimotu est français" / (English): "Because the official language of Mitimotu is French"
    • (French): "Oui, en ce moment-ci." / (English): "Yes, at the moment" 
    • (Samoan): "Oka Atua!" / (English): "Oh my God!"
  • Siegbert Fuchs describes Pam's fists after she punches him as:
    • (German): "Dosenschinken" / (English): "canned ham" [1]

Disheartening Situation[]

  • Capitaine Reynaud yells at Charlotte Stratton in French for eating all his bonbons:
    • (French): "Cochonne stupide! Qu'est ce que tu as fait? C'était un cadeau de ma mère de Paris! C'était-de-Paris!"
(English): "Stupid slob! What did you do? It was a gift from my mother in Paris! It-was-from-Paris!"
  • Reynaud yells sarcastically at Doudou for not stopping Charlotte from eating his chocolates:
    • (French): "On n'a plus besoin de navet!" / (English): "We no longer need the turnip!"
  • Reynaud mourning over his bonbons with cognac:
    • (French): "Framboise, noix de coco, cerise... noisette!" / (English): "Raspberry, coconut, cherry... hazelnut!"
  • Fuchs speaks disparagingly to others several times:
    • (German): "verdammte Idioten!" & "fette Schlampe!" / (English): "damned idiots!" & "fat bitch!"

Different Modes Of Preparing The Fruit[]

  • Princess Lanaluakalani refers to the idol in her native language:
    • (Maori): "Tupua" / (English): "strange being" or "object of fear"[2]
    • (Samoan): "Tu'ua i mātou." / (English): "Leave it to us."
  • Archer's promotional slogan for Chinchilladas:
    • (Spanish): "Dos por uno, dos por uno: la sensación de sabor que está barriendo la nación"
(English): "Two for one, two for one - the taste sensation that is sweeping the nation"

A Warrior In Costume[]

  • Archer refers to Ziegler as the devil:
    • (German): "Teufel" / (English): "devil" [3]
  • Pam says:
    • (Spanish): “puta mierda!”(English): "fucking shit!" 
    • (Spanish): "Bocata de mierda!"(English): "shit snack"[4]

Strange Doings in the Taboo Groves[]

  • After being denied food by Malory, Fuchs exclaims:
    • (German): "Schreckliche Stadt zum Frühstück!" / (English): "Horrible city for breakfast!"
  • Lanaluakalani says the Germans have been 'schtupping' Charlotte:
    • (Yiddish): "schtup" / (English): "to have sex with / to fuck" [5]
  • Fuchs wants to give Lanaluakalani some wiener for breakfast. (Hey, phrasing!)
    • (German): "Frühstück" / (English): "breakfast" [6]
  • Addressing the soldiers, Fuchs revokes their free time on the basis that they need to stop 'schtupping' Charlotte:
    • (German): "Deine Freizeit. Ist kaputt! Erste Sache, nicht mehr mit deiser verrückten Kokosnussfrau shtuppen! Was willst Du?"
(English): "Your free time. Is finished! First thing: no more with the crazy coconut woman shtupping! What do you want?"

Some Remarks on Cannibalism[]

  • The King (Lanaluakalni's father) says she gave Fuchs the map "in exchange for enough money to go and live among the Papālangi in New York City again"
    • (Samoan): "Oka Atua!" / (English): "Oh my God!"
    • (Samoan): " 'ese mai fafo " / (English): "different from outside" core meaning: outsider; foreigner
    • (Tongan): "Papālangi" / (English): "person of European descent/ foreigner/other"[7]

Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples[]

  • The stencil on the crate containing the Mech:
    • (German): "Deutsche Wehrmacht Wunderwaffen"
(English): "German Armed Forces Super Weapon"
  • Fuchs in the Mech:
    • (German): "Willst du Fuchs? So bekommst du Fuchs!"
(English): "You want Fuchs? This is how you get Fuchs!"

A Discovery[]

  • Reynaud, agreeing with Pam on pushing open the entrance:
    • (French): "Oui, c'est impossible." / (English): "Yes, it's impossible."
  • Malory, on Reynaud's suggestion to turn back:
    • (French): "Quelle choc." / (English): "What a shock."


'Manu-hooks' figuratively refers to fingers (man-hooks) or claws (bird hooks) ie. getting her hands/grip on the money, and to Malory’s none too subtle possessive sexual relations - which is a perpetual source of annoyance to Archer - with her Polynesian employee, Manu. The context of the utterance is that Archer would rather die than receive her help as he wants to use the money from the idol to escape Malory: if she gets the money he doesn't stand a chance.


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