Len trex mobster

Len Trexler (Mobster)

Len Trexler (Dreamland)
 is the dream persona of Len Trexler in Season 8: Dreamland. He is a villainous crime boss and rival of Mother.


  • Tall and well built
  • Grey hair with "classic" male pattern baldness, thin moustache
  • Dark grey suit, waistcoat. white shirt, yellow tie, folded handkerchief, trilby.

Character TraitsEdit

  • Domineering
  • Intimidating
  • Sociopath
  • Father-type figure to Dutch

Plot InvolvementEdit

Trexler is the biggest mobster in Los Angeles. His enforcer "Dutch" Dylan dissolves his enemies in acid for him. He has a shipment of whores brought in from China, for which he pays Lt. Figgis to turn a blind eye to allow them into the country. After they go "missing", Trexler is determined to track them down and murder the two people responsible for taking them. He gives Figgis a week to find those responsible and bring them to him. After Dutch has his feet crushed by Archer, Trexler puts him in touch with someone who will fix him - namely, Krieger.


  • Shut Up!


Len Trexler: I don't pay you to be sorry, I pay you to make other people sorry.


Len Trexler: I mean, you don't think Im being unreasonable?
Lt. Figgis: Noooo, I mean, no.
Len Trexler: Because not only did I pay a lot of money for those magical disappearing whores, I also paid you a lot of money.
Lt. Figgis: Well, yes, but that was, I mean, that was more to look the other way, so -
Len Trexler: Figuratively! Not literally - while those assholes were taking my load!
Poovey: Pfff, ahem. Do you have a cat? I smell dander...


Len Trexler: tba


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