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Ray Trumpet

Ray on the Trumpet

Ray Gilette (Dreamland) is the dream persona of Ray Gillette in Season 8: Dreamland.  He plays trumpet in the Dreamland House Band, providing the backing music for the Dreamland Nightclub.


White tuxedo, black bow tie, blonde hair with moustache.

Character Traits[]

  • Naive. impatient, not very 'chill', uncool
  • Loud-mouthed marijuana enthusiast
  • Pretty good on the trumpet

Plot Involvement[]

In Jane Doe (s1e3), Ray is discovered to have gotten the band (and fellow 'vipers') busted for smoking marijuana for the second time, due to his impatience and lack of discretion. (They face six years in "the can"). They are busted out of the prison cell by Archer and, by strength of numbers, are able to help him to fight his way through Poovey and out of the precinct. Ray and the band resume playing duties and have nothing further to add to their dramatic introduction/intervention other than their relaxing tones, and reefer-inspired vibes.


  • Ray's character is reduced to a minor role, as his is discretion.

Gallery of Images[]


Ray: "God dammit!  I insist you let me share your marijuana cigarette!"


Ray: "I am lovin' this marijuana cigarette!"