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Dreamland Houseband

The Dreamland House Band consists of dream persona's Floyd, Cliff, Verl, Ray (Dreamland) and Lana Kane (Dreamland).  They appear in Season 8: Dreamland, No Good Deed (s8e1) and Jane Doe (s8e3).  They ostensibly perform the backing music for the conversations held in Mother's office, in the Dreamland Nightclub.

Band Members[]

Plot Involvements[]

No Good Deed (s8e1)[]

In this episode, they perform 'Fever'[1] with Lana Kane (Dreamland) accompanying them on vocals, as well as the background music for scenes in Dreamland.

Jane Doe (s8e3)[]

In this episode, they are held in a police cell after being busted smoking a 'marijuana cigarette'.  They face 6 years as it is their second offence.  On both occasions Ray has given away their activities to local narcs by referring very loudly to their 'marijuana cigarettes'.  

Cultural References[]

  • Goof butt:[2] 'Reefer', or 'Jazz cigarette', or any number of slang terms from the 1940s.
  • Vipers:[3]  although not mentioned directly, this term for marijuana-smoking jazz musicians in the 1940s (who were predominantly black) applies to the band.  Malory's ambiguous slur "you people" refers to the stereotype of the time that all jazz musicians smoked reefer and a lot of jazz musicians were black - but not all black people smoked reefer.
  • Frisky Dingo (2006-8): Verl and Cliff are both names used in Frisky Dingo: the TV host and an Xtacle respectively.


  • 'Verl' was also the name of the male TV presenter in Frisky Dingo's "Live with Mitzi and Verl".


Ray: "God dammit!  I insist you let me share your marijuana cigarette!"


Ray: "I am loving this marijuana cigarette!"


Mother: "And I swear to God, if you people get caught smoking reefers again..."
Floyd: "I'm sorry, but by 'you people' do you mean--"
Mother: "Out!"





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