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Archer: 1999, The tenth season of Archer premiered on May 29th, 2019 on FX's sister channel FXX.[1]

Season Synopsis[]

Season 10 is set in Archer’s subconscious version of space, with "a 1970s vision of the future.[2] It features "all ’70s clunky set design and production design" with the feel of somebody’s "idea of the future from 1970". There are nods to the "prevalent aesthetic at the time, of clackity keyboards and hoses and just overall clunkiness," and not to "Aliens" or "Giger-influenced stuff." Archer’s "not going to know what the future is [like]...he’s going to have a 1970s vision of the future."


( v )      Screenshot             Episode Title Original
Air Date
Production Code Season Ep. # Overall Ep. #
Archer s10e1 Title "Bort the Garj" May 29, 2019 XAR10001 1 102
Archer and the crew of the Seamus wake up to the smell of shepherd's pie and see a business opportunity in their new guest.
Archer s10e2 Title "Happy Borthday" June 5, 2019 XAR10002 2 103
The crew provides entertainment for Bort while Barry 6 tries to crack Archer's safe.
Archer s10e3 Title "The Leftovers" June 12, 2019 XAR10003 3 104
Pam's sandwich ruins everyone's dinner by releasing something deep inside of them.
Archer s10e4 Title "Dining with the Zarglorp" June 19, 2019 XAR10004 4 105
Deep in space, Archer and the crew encounter a terrifying cosmic beast. Even deeper, they encounter a self-aggrandizing life coach.
Archer s10e5 Title "Mr. Deadly Goes To Town" June 26, 2019 XAR10005 5 106
Archer and the crew pick up a hitchhiker and try to convince him to turn his life around.
Archer s10e6 Title "Road Trip" July 10, 2019 XAR10006 6 107
Daydreams of an interstellar road trip turn into an existential nightmare.
Archer s10e7 Title "Space Pirates" July 17, 2019 XAR10007 7 108
A voyage home gets interrupted by an alien battle cruiser carrying precious cargo.
Archer s10e8 Title "Cubert" July 24, 2019 XAR10008 8 109
Archer is convinced a mysterious object is causing the crew to act strangely.
S10E09-Archer wakes "Robert De Niro" July 31, 2019 XAR10009 9 110
When a trial turns into a boarding party it can only mean that Barry 6 has returned.



  • Season 10 was ordered along with Season 8 and Season 9 in 2016.[3]
  • Season 10: Archer 1999 is the third season to take place fully in Archer's head as a "coma dream".
  • The end of this season sees Archer finally awake from his coma
  • Season 10 is the fourth season to be a subtitled themed season after:
  • In 2016, the creator of Archer, Adam Reed, announced his intention to leave the show after season 10.[4] However, in 2018 it was stated that Archer may be due for more seasons after season 10 and if so, 20th Century Fox will resume production without him.[5]
  • The end of season 9 features a 3 minute trailer for season 10. (see below)
  • Season 10 will be set in Archer's subconscious version of space, based on his 1970s idea of the future[6] and will be titled Archer: 1999.[7]
  • Title reference to ‘70s sci-fi TV series Space: 1999.
  • "Unofficial Archer: 1999 Study Guide" from Floyd County Productions employee u/domirillo, which includes some references and inspirations behind the upcoming season.[8]
  • The crew insignia for the M/V Seamus features an ocelot as well as the code 934 TXS.
    • Crew manifest can be found here.



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