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(This article is about the Wee Baby Seamus. For the starship Seamus see MV_Seamus.)

Seamus Sterling McGoon, often referred to as "the Wee Baby Seamus," is the son of the prostitute Trinette. While Trinette initially claimed that Sterling Archer was the father, this was later revealed to be false.


For a time Archer was convinced that Seamus was his son, so he switched the blood sample that ODIN took for the paternity test with blood he stole from Cyril. The blood test showed that Sterling was the father. However, the blood that was tested was Cyril's, which might be why the results showed positive. Another possibility is that Barry Dylan forged the results, which would leave the identity of the father a mystery. Later in the show, Trinette admits that Seamus is not Archer's son. Interestingly, Seamus has blue eyes like Archer, whereas Cyril has brown eyes and Trinette has purple eyes.

Ultimately it didn't matter because Archer agreed to forfeit any rights he had to dispute the test, leaving him forced to pay child support.

Relationship with Archer[]

When Trinette left town for a prostitution conference, she left Seamus in Archer's care. During this stay, Seamus consumed many alcoholic beverages, including some Bloody Mary from a celery stick, an olive from a martini, a full martini, ice from one of Sterling's drinks and a cloth soaked in alcohol from Malory's drink.

At the end of the day, Archer believes Woodhouse is in danger when Lieutenant Scripes appears to be aiming the Webley at Woodhouse's face. He uses Seamus as a distraction, throwing him up into the air. While all three men attempt to catch Seamus, Archer jump-kicks Scripes off the patio.

During the events of "Stage Two," Trinette admitted that Seamus was not Sterling's son. Despite this, Sterling spent the day bonding with him. He got Seamus's name tattooed on his back and had the name Archer tattooed on Seamus's back, much to Trinette's anger.


Seamus seems to have a fondness towards Archer. In "The Double Deuce", Seamus shows a keen liking towards alcohol, possibly due to his mother consuming during pregnancy. He also responds well to "negative reinforcement" from Malory. Since Cyril is his biological father, he has shown to have grown into a nerd who attends science camp and participates in science fairs.

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