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Borrowing from the original premise of the Sealab 2020 show, which was to educate young people into the need to protect marine life from human interference and pollution, the Sea Tunt 2-part special feature ecological themes. The themes are expounded by Captain Murphy in 2 segments, and Pam (with the help of Cheryl and Malory) in one particularly dense segment, of dialogue.

Human-Caused Destruction of the Marine Environment

"And I wish you fools would stop destroying the oceans! Over-fishing, industrial run-off, don't even get me started on whaling. And plastic bottles! I can't even - there is a floating mass of garbage in the Pacific twice the size of the United States! Oh, and where the hell is the news crew I asked for?""
—Captain Murphy

The ecological destruction of the oceans through industrial run-off, overfishing, whaling, and plastic pollution (all of which continue to damage the marine ecosystems of the world) is mentioned by Murphy. At the same time as making valid statements about the state of the marine environment, and the insanity of mankind's almost deliberate (that is, it is so persistent as to appear deliberate) destruction of it, Sea Tunt is able to make a serious point whilst satirising eco-terrorists. Murphy may be a lunatic (which the talking to the plants illustrates) and his "tactics" may be awry, but by placing a madman with valid ecological beliefs threatening to nerve gas the United States if his demands aren't met, a serious situation is able to be played for laughs.

"They are going to say that I've gone insane - that I've lost my mind! And that's fine: let them; because the real insanity is the systematic - my God - almost deliberate way those bastards are destroying our oceans. And I hate that it's come to this, but I truly don't see an alternative. [pans out to reveal he is talking to plants growing in a greenhouse] So, you all know what you have to do; and I know you won't fail me. Nor I you, gentlemen; nor I you."
—Captain Murphy

Pre-Post-Peak Oil Mindset

Pam schools Malory (a baby boomer) on the need to replace what you use, and not to mindlessly consume finite resources. (Grain alcohol, in this instance, is used as an example of a finite resource, or oil.) In this satirical bit, Pam has a "bug out bag" which is one of the things that doomsday preppers have to help prepare for the end of the world when oil runs out (due to excess consumption). Malory's flagrant disregard for moderate use of finite resources (the alcohol quotient on the Sea Tunt is limited to Kentucky Moon, of which there are only a few jars) represents excessive consumption of oil. Pam states that Malory's mindless consumption is a "perfect example of a pre-post-peak oil mindset". That is to say, before mankind reached peak oil, it acted as if the resource was infinite, and carelessly consumed it in the false belief that it would never run out. Once peak oil was reached (meaning there is less oil in the earth than has already been extracted) a post-peak oil mindset appears which, realising oil is finite, acts to minimise it's use and ideally creates a greener alternative before the oil runs out and civilisation collapse - as Pam believes will occur.

Pam: "You drink it, you replace it. Grain alcohol is a key component of a bug out bag."
Malory: "A what?"
Pam: "A bug out bag? Oh my God, for TEOTWAWKI?"
Malory: "The bear from Star Wars?"
Pam: "The end of the world as we know it!"
Cheryl: [High on glue] "Hah, Pam's like gay for doomsday! She thinks our whole society is going to collapse if we run out of oil, or whatever.
Pam: "IF?! You mean WHEN!"
[Meanwhile, Malory is glugging down the Kentucky Moon]
Pam: "Wow, and that is a perfect example of a pre-post-peak oil mindset. The-"
[Malory raises one finger]
Malory: "Ahhh, say, this stuff is pretty good. What did you say it was?"
Pam: "Basically, pure ethanol."