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"Sea Tunt: Part II" was the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Archer and the second episode of the two-part season finale.[1]



ISIS continues to negotiate with Captain Murphy who is threatening to launch his nerve gas armed missiles at several U.S. cities.


Archer, Lana, Ray, and Cyril head off in a submarine towards Sealab disguised as a news crew while Malory, Pam, and Cheryl stay behind on the ship after learning that Cecil is broke due to all the charities he gives donations to. Underwater, the four make it to Sealab to meet Murphy and Lana realizes Murphy doesn't have nerve gas. He holds her at knife point, causing Archer to point his gun at him. Murphy tells him not to fire since both the air and water pressure are too high and a stray bullet could cause a crack in the glass. When Murphy drops the knife, Archer engages the gun's safety, but it accidentally discharges due to Krieger messing with the labels. The shot shatters the glass, causing the room to flood.

Captain Murphy opens an escape hatch that leads the ISIS team to the cafeteria. Both Ray and Archer comment that they would kill to have a similar cafeteria in ISIS. Murphy is then shot out of the hatch with a wave of water that hits one of the vending machines, slamming it into Murphy hard enough that, if it was removed, it would kill him. Murphy tells the ISIS team to open a closet, revealing three sets of scuba gear. Murphy explains that the weakest swimmer must drown temporarily while the others head to the sub, which has a Manual External Defibrillator onboard. Initially, the team volunteers Lana, but, when Archer learns that Lana is pregnant, he gives her the last scuba suit, only asking her to be a better mother than Malory and admits his love for her.

Lana grabs Archer as the three move towards the sub. Ray and Lana use the defibrillator on Archer; Cyril is still angry at Lana after learning of her pregnancy. After being declared dead by Cyril, Archer wakes up, with both Ray and Lana expressing their relief (Lana even going so far as hugging Archer).

Back on board the Sea Tunt, nearly everyone celebrates their happy endings with Cecil declaring that Sealab was insured for three times what it cost, making him richer than ever, Malory congratulating Lana on the pregnancy (Cyril declaring "three cheers for Little Johnny Bastard") and Archer ecstatic that he beat death. Ray protests, lamenting that his happy ending resulted in his being paralyzed again after Archer accidentally used the defibrillator on him, frying the CPU that controls his bionic legs.


Cultural References[]

  • Mister Peabody: Archer compares Cyril to this cartoon dog who is "the smartest being in existence".
  • Mike Eruzione: When Malory announces ISIS is going to beat the Russians, Archer references the captain of the 1980 USA hockey team noted for the "Miracle on Ice."
  • Sealab 2020 (1972) / Sealab 2021 (2000-2005): Several references to Adam Reed's first big show:
    • The underwater research facility is straight up called "Sealab."
    • The wrench held by Captain Murphy is a reference to Sealab 2021, where they typically used wrenches to bash people over the head.
    • The way Captain Murphy dies is similar to that of how Captain Murphy from Sealab 2021 was crushed by a soda machine in the episode "All That Jazz."
    • The lockers that contain the wetsuits include references to various voice actors from Sealab 2021, the labels shown are "B. Butler" (Brett Butler), "E. Henican" (Ellis Henican), and "K. Miller" (Kate Miller).
    • According to Casey Willis, at one point all the wetsuits were labeled with Sealab characters but was changed at the last minute. It can be presumed that the characters were supposed to be Dr. Quinn, Stormy Waters, and Debbie DuPree as they were potrayed by the voice actors whose names are respectively labeled.
    • Bucket Head Wendy, Captain Murphy's imaginary girlfriend on Sealab 2021, can be seen in the flooded break room after Archer drowns just as Cyril enters the hatch. 
    • The DSV is stored in "Pod 6", Murphy's one-sided archenemy from Sealab.
    • Captain Murphy drives a green cart similar to the one he drives in the Sealab 2021 episode "The Legend of Baggy Pants".
  • Moonshine: Originally a slang term for high-proof distilled spirits that were usually produced illicitly, without government authorization. In recent years, however, moonshine has been legalized in various countries and has become a commercial product.
  • TEOTWAWKI - the end of the world as we know it; this is a concept in prepper and survivalist communities about the end of civilization
  • The Abyss (1989): Archer's intentional drowning and later revival, including the close-up shot of his hand and the music playing in the background, is an homage to this classic film.
  • Earl Butz (1909-2008): After Malory says "God bless corn subsidies," after drinking Pam's moonshine, Cheryl says "Who are you, Earl Butz?" Butz was Secretary of Agriculture under Richard Nixon, and advocated policies that greatly increased the production of corn and made agriculture far more commercial and corporate. (As a cautionary tale to Malory, it should be noted that his career ended after several racially insensitive slurs he made became public).
  • Harry's bar: Malory mentions this bar which was a favorite of Hemingway (who she mentions).
  • The Rock (1996): The VX nerve gas-tipped missiles are what Ed Harris threaten to fire on San Francisco, in this movie. (Coincidently, Ed Harris stars in The Abyss).
  • True Lies (1994): The "gun hidden in camera" ploy used by Archer could be a reference to the 1994 spy thriller starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar, in which Faisil played, by Grant Heslov, conceals a pistol in a hidden compartment of his over the shoulder camera.
    • Also to note, in the same style as Archer in this particular episode, that Faisil in the film was undercover as a camera operator for a radical terrorist.
  • Evening in Byzantium (1978): Captain Murphy's three targets for his alleged nerve gas are Washington DC, New York, and Miami: these are also the terrorist targets in this TV miniseries.
  • Disguises:
    • Magnum P.I. (1980-88): The alias / disguise 'Randy Magnum' used by Archer could likely be a reference to Thomas Magnum from the 80's series.
    • Carol Channing (1921-2019): The alias disguise 'Carl Channing' used by Ray is a possible reference to this singer, actress, comedian, and gay rights advocate.
  • Scarlett O'Hara + Scarlet Letter + Whore = Scarlett Letter O'Whore-A
    • The scarlet letter "A" was a punitive mark for adultery in the 1850 novel of the same name. Scarlett O'Hara was the fictional protagonist in "Gone With The Wind" who is "vain, self-centered... insecure, but is very intelligent." And a whore is a perjorative term for a lady of the night, or prostitute. Cyril uses this compound insult towards Lana, after finding out she is pregnant - even though they aren't technically dating anymore. Classic Cyril.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Gypsy Woman - Murphy utters the line after being struck by the soda machine.
  • Danger Zone - Something, something
  • Phrasing - Archer gets two in before nearly drowning,
  • BOOM nailed it - Cyril says this after telling Lana to blow him
  • Disguises
    • Randy Magnum - Archer uses a new variation of Randy
    • Chet - Cyril uses his go to alias
  • 'Boop' - used three times, a la rule of 3.
  • Big Lana
  • Ruse
  • Bar None - Malory is desperate to locate a bar
  • One of One Things Is About To Happen- When the hull starts to shatter
  • Improvised Cocktails - Peach Bellini with Kentucky Moon (almost)
  • Inappropriate - Pam says it after she cheers after Cyril says "three cheers for Johnny Bastard" 


  • This episode continues where the previous one left off.
  • Tiffy shows no signs of her fight with Cheryl even though previously she was shown to have bruises.
  • Ray tells Lana to hurry or she may "sass her way out of a car seat"; which she does from him and Kenny Loggins' bodyguard in "Baby Shower".
  • Pam mentions her sister Edie who later appears in “Edie’s Wedding”.
  • Archer asks Lana was she’s always throwing up, referencing her throwing up during the space training in “Space Race: Part I

Locations / Vehicles[]

  • Air Tunt - helicopter
  • Sea Tunt - boat
  • DSV Goddess - submersible
  • Sealab - underwater research facility


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the television series Sea Hunt.
  • Guest star Jon Hamm voices Captain Murphy.
  • Guest stars Eugene Mirman (Cecil Tunt) and Kristen Schaal (Tiffy) voice characters alongside H. Jon Benjamin (Sterling Archer) in Bob's Burgers.
  • Krieger is seen listening to the Rush song Tom Sawyer while modifying an MP5 sub-machine gun.
  • The soda machine was named after Captain Murphy's original voice actor, the late Harry Goz.
  • DSVUI - Lana is not keen to experience the effects of her concatenation of DSV (deep sea vehicle) and DUI (driving under the influence)
  • Pam is revealed to be a doomsday prepper.
  • The ecological destruction of the oceans in the form of industrial run-off, overfishing, whaling, and plastic pollution (all of which continue to damage the marine ecosystems of the world) are all mentioned by Captain Murphy. This special 2 parter satirises eco-terrorists by placing a mad man with valid ecological beliefs threatening to nerve gas the United States if his demands aren't met.
  • Equally, Pam schools Malory (a baby boomer) on the need to replace what you use (grain alcohol in this instance) and the need to prepare for the end of the world when oil runs out (due to excess consumption).
    • For more on the ecological themes in this 2-parter, see here.


Captain Murphy: "Time and tide wait for no man. Nor do I, Mr. Tunt; nor do I. And unless my demands are met I will launch my nerve gas missiles on New York, Washington and Miami in 11 hours and, oh look at that, 11 minutes. Ey, make a wish."
Cecil: "Iiii wish you wouldn't launch nerve gas missiles on New York, Washington--"
Captain Murphy: "And I wish you fools would stop destroying the oceans! Over-fishing, industrial run-off, don't even get me started on whaling. And plastic bottles! I can't even - there is a floating mass of garbage in the Pacific twice the size of the United States! Oh, and where the hell is the news crew I asked for?"
Cecil: "Errr, with me. And wth your permission I'm sending them down in the DSV."
Captain Murphy: "Good. Yes. I need to get my message to the world. Who'd you get? Oprah?"
Cecil: "Bigger"
Lana: "You know...


Lana: "Since we're talking about 40 hostiles, I have a follow up question --"
Archer: "Something, something danger zone!"
Lana: Eugh...
Archer: "I know, I'm not even trying anymore."


Malory: "Who could forgive a person who buys a boat this big with no bar on it?"


Captain Murphy: "They are going to say that I've gone insane - that I've lost my mind! And that's fine: let them; because the real insanity is the systematic - my God - almost deliberate way those bastards are destroying our oceans. And I hate that it's come to this, but I truly don't see an alternative. [pans out to reveal he is talking to plants growing in a greenhouse]. So, you all know what you have to do; and I know you won't fail me. Nor I you, gentlemen; nor I you.


Pam: "You drink it, you replace it. Grain alcohol is a key component of a bug out bag."
Malory: "A what?"
Pam: "A bug out bag? Oh my God, for TEOTWAWKI?"
Malory: "The bear from Star Wars?"
Pam: "The end of the world as we know it!"
Cheryl: [High on glue] "Hah, Pam's like gay for doomsday! She thinks our whole society is going to collapse if we run out of oil or whatever.
Pam: "IF?! You mean WHEN!"
[Meanwhile, Malory is glugging down the Kentucky Moon]
Pam: "Wow, and that is a perfect example of a pre-post-peak oil mindset. The-"
[Malory raises one finger]
Malory: "Ahhh, say, this stuff is pretty good. What did you say it was?"
Pam: "Basically, pure ethanol."
Malory: "Huh. Well God bless corn subsidies..."
Cheryl: "Who are you - Earl Butz?"
Malory: "You say that like it's a bad thing..."


Captain Murphy: "The bridge is where the chair is!"
Archer: "Yeah - Soujourner!"
Captain Murphy: "Thank you, er"
Archer: "Randy, Randy Magnum. I'll a local Emmy-winning camera man and nat--"
Lana: "Nooo..."
Archer: "-ionally ranked pro kite surfer - second in the nation, actually - which even the most cursory internet search will corroborate.
Captain Murphy: "I really doubt we'll have time Randy - we only have 10 hours before I'll be forced to launch my missiles."

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