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"Sea Tunt: Part I" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Archer and the first part of the season finale.[1]



The ISIS crew heads deep into the Bermuda Triangle to save an underwater sea laboratory from its deranged leader, thanks to the help of Cheryl's dim-witted brother and his equally dim-witted fiancée, who drive Cheryl crazier than usual.


A bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb crashes off the coast of Bermuda. Meanwhile, Cheryl's brother, Cecil Tunt, tries to get Cheryl's half of the fortune. Cecil fabricated the story of the hydrogen bomb to (1) gain secretly recorded stories from the ISIS agents regarding Cheryl's mental instability and (2) gain ISIS' help stopping Captain Murphy.


Cultural References[]

  • When Cecil Tunt enters Malory's office, Archer says "Rien Poortvliet called; he wants you to pose for him." He adds that Poortvliet is the "beloved illustrator of Gnomes".
  • When Lana comes over to Archer at the Helicopter bar, Lana refuses a drink and Archer asks if she converted to the "Nation of Islam." This is the religious group that Malcolm X converted to while in prison and was seen as a black power group.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Promise you won't get mad?: Cecil asks Lana and as usual, she says no.
  • Just Like That Old Gypsy Woman Said - Captain Murphy (Jon Hamm) 's last words from being  "killed by an off-brand soda machine" / drowning.
  • Lana refusing Archer's Long Island Iced Tea is a slight hint at Lana's pregnancy which is revealed in the next episode.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the television series "Sea Hunt."
    • It could also be a double reference to Cheryl and/or Cecil, as an abbreviation of either sibling's name on a name patch would read "C. Tunt".
  • Ransoming a maritime salvaged bomb back to the US government is directly based on a fisherman that helped the Navy find a lost nuclear bomb from a B-52 collision and then proceeded to demand 2% maritime salvage on the 2 billion dollar bomb.
  • There is an error in the script near the beginning of the episode when Archer is converting the depth of the bomb from the 8000 feet, first quoted by Malory. Initially, he correctly rounds the depth to 1333 fathoms but then incorrectly states it is 2.27 leagues. One league is 3 nautical miles of 6076 feet each, so 2.27 leagues is actually 41377 feet; 8000 feet is only about 0.19 leagues.
  • When Malory says "We are going to beat the Russians!", Archer makes a reference to Mike Eruzione, the captain of the 1980 USA Olympic ice hockey team that beat the USSR.
  • Pam is allergic to soy and mentions EpiPen, which is a medical device used against some allergic reactions.
  • Pam compares Cecil's helicopter to "Riptide," a 1980s TV show featuring a Sikorsky S-58DT called "Screaming Mimi."
  • Captain Murphy is a reference to a character in Sealab 2021, a show produced by Reed and Thompson on Cartoon Network from 2000 to 2005. The original voice actor for Captain Murphy died in 2005.
  • When Archer goes to make a fuzzy navel, he references Georgia peaches, likely a reference to the "Made in Georgia" credit.
  • When Tiffy announces that the ETA is 15 minutes, in the cockpit can be seen a warning sign: Aircraft is equipped with a pyrotechnic (sic) activated emergency escape system with explosive charges.
  • When Cecil yells, "There is no bomb!" and Malory replies, "I guess I had that coming," it's a callback to "Skytanic" where Malory fakes a bomb threat to get a free ride on a rigid airship.
  • When Pam tells Cheryl she'll wish she was Michael Findlay. Findlay was a '70s director of sexploitation films who died when slashed to death by a detached helicopter rotor.
  • This episode contains performances from the actors Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal, who, along with H Jon Benjamin (Archer) act on the FOX series "Bob's Burgers." The animated characters they voice in this episode bear unmistakable physical similarities to the actors themselves.
  • Archer asking Malory if she smells toast when he thinks she is having a stroke is likely a reference to Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon. He pioneered a process of removing brain cells responsible for epileptic seizures. A patient of his said she "smelled burnt toast" before seizures, and he found the region of her brain that was responsible by stimulating it until she smelled toast.
  • The scene where Cheryl observes Cecil and Archer talking about her via video from a control room is a reference to a scene in The Abyss. Two characters are discussing how Lt. Coffey is losing his mind from high-pressure nervous syndrome. The movie then switches to video screen of them talking and zooms out to a delusional/paranoid Lt. Coffey anxiously watching them in a video control room. There's also a bit of diegesis when it zooms back to Coffey.
  • When Cheryl observes Cecil and Archer talking, she breaks the fourth wall by reassuring herself that the musical sting is "non-diegetic." This refers to the difference between diegetic sound, which is sound heard by characters with an explicable source in-universe, and non-diegetic sound, which is for the sake of the audience. This joke is called back to when Cheryl hears the non-diegetic musical sting when she confronts Tiffy in the cockpit, screaming "God Damn it, shut up John Williams!" John Williams is a famous composer most well known for his work with Steven Spielberg and his work on The Star Wars franchise. Finally, when the screen is lowering on Murphy, Cheryl says over top of dramatic music "Please tell me you guys heard that!"
  • Archer says that the Bermuda Triangle is his "fourth biggest fear."  In the episode "Pipeline Fever," we learn what his first, second, and third biggest fears are: alligators, crocodiles, and brain aneurysms.
  • Tiffy tells Cheryl that she gets "all eight essential amino acids" from vegan sources, but there are actually nine essential amino acids.
  • The movie The Abyss is also referred to when Archer / (Abyss) Mary-Elizabeth Mastrontonio  drowns, and is dragged about 100 yards (in 2 minutes) by Lana /(Abyss) Ed Harris back to the DSV / crew's ship and revives Archer/ MeM (Abyss) with a defibulator.
  • Archer invents a cocktail, which is an altered version of a hairy navel, but made with "Mostly kentucky moon", and short of any better ideas, names it the "Horatio Cornblower". This is a play on "Horatio Hornblower", a fictional nepoleonic war era royal navy officer in a series of novels and movies created by C. S Forester

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