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"Savio, sei pronto?[1]"
"Sì, cara mia, sono molto pronto![2]"
Malory Archer and Savio Mascalzoni[src]

Savio Mascalzoni was the Prime Minister of Italy and one of Malory Archer's lovers. However, Mascalzoni ordered the murder of another one of Malory Archer's lovers, and she killed him for it. His voice is provided by Luciano Palermi.


Before the Series[]

Savio Mascalzoni was the Prime Minister of Italy. He met Malory Archer while taking part in Operation GLADIO, and the two began a relationship. Savio got into politics and married, but would still sneak off to meet Malory once a year, for 35 years, with his tastes getting more "exotic" as time went on.[3]

Season 3[]

"Lo Scandalo"[]

He was killed wearing a zentai with a large dildo up his ass when Malory shot him for revenge of his killing of her lover in Italy who, according to Malory, could have been Sterling Archer's father. Malory shoots Savio five times in the chest after strapping him into a chair. She informs Sterling and Lana about his death after she calls them to her apartment late at night. Archer calls Dr. Algernop Krieger to take care of the body and Krieger brings Cyril Figgis, Pam Poovey, and Cheryl Tunt.

Krieger cuts the body into seven pieces in Malory's bathroom while the others distract an investigator who has been called by Malory (though only she knows at that time) to investigate the murder of Savio Mascalzoni. He narrowly misses catching Krieger in the act of disseminating the body and leaves. The others all leave, each taking with them a parcel made by Krieger.

On the way to dispose of the parcels, Lana figures out that Malory had to have killed the Prime Minister by the count of the bullets missing from Malory's gun.


"As he grew older, Savio's tastes became more and more... exotic."
Malory Archer[src]


  • The name Savio Mascalzoni is a reference to Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister famed for allegedly committing multiple crimes while in office, including sex-related offenses.
    • The words "savio" and "mascalzoni" also literally translate to English from Italian into "wise" and "scoundrels", probably another pun to Berlusconi's many judiciary related scandals.


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  1. Translates from Italian to "Savio, are you ready?"
  2. Translates from Italian to "Yes, my dear, I am very ready!"
  3. Archer S03E08: "Lo Scandalo"