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Voicemail Pranks are a running gag throughout the series which revolve around Archer 's tendency to create ever more elaborate voicemail greetings that trick the caller into believing he has actually answered the call.

Season 1[]

In Season 1, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"Dial M for Mother"[]

  • "Hello? [Pause.] Ha! Voicemail. You know what to do. "
  • "[Groan.] Hello? [Pause.] Ha! Alternate voicemail. You know what to do, stupid."

Season 3[]

In Season 3, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"The Man From Jupiter"[]

  • "Hello? [Pause] Ha! Voicemail. You know what to do."
  • "Hello? Hold on... Hold on, hold on. Hang on. Don't hang up. [A flowerpot breaks, a cat meows, then metal clanging in backgound] Hello? Ha! Elaborate voicemail hoax. Leave it."

"Drift Problem"[]

  • "Hello? Mother? Hi, listen, I can't really talk right now. Can I call you back? Or are you pouting for some... Oh crap, are you already at 21? Sorry! I'm running late. So go ahead and order me four martinis and ... [Pause] Boom! Birthday voicemail, Mother! Ha ha ha! Seriously, I bet I will be late. So go ahead and pull the trigger on those martinis."

"Bloody Ferlin"[]

  • "You've reached Sterling Archer's voicemail. Please leave a message. [Beep] [Long pause] [Beep] [Computer voice: The voice mailbox of] Sterling Archer [Computer voice: is full. Goodbye.] Idiot. Haha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha"

"Crossing Over"[]

  • "[Pause] Why, what's up? [Long pause.] Ha ha ha! Leave it!"

Season 4[]

In Season 4, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"The Wind Cries Mary"[]

  • "Lana, listen. [Horn blares.] Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha. Leave it! [Computer voice: The voicemail box of <horn blaring> is full. Goodbye.]"

"Viscous Coupling"[]

  • In this episode, Sterling does not have a voicemail setup. Instead, his phone just rings indefinitely. He does this because "it drives people crazy."

Season 5[]

In Season 5, the following voicemail pranks are used:

"Archer Vice: Smugglers' Blues"[]

  • This episode uses a pre-recorded fight between Ray and Archer with added sound effects to make it seem like the two were involved in a car accident. [Beep] [Computer voice: The mailbox of] [Archer laughing] [Computer voice: is full. Goodbye.]

"The Rules of Extraction"[]

  • "[Computer voice: The mailbox of] Ar-Ar-Archer Ar-Ar-Archer [Computer voice: is full. Leave it.]" (Accompanied by colored lights flashing and techno music blaring at The Tunt Mansion)

Season 6[]

"The Archer Sanction"[]

  • Malory: What? [Pause] Let me guess [Pause] That's why you called? [Pause] You haven't the foggiest idea what it is you're supposed to be doing. [Pause] Let me speak to Lana. [Pause] Lana! [Pause] Sterling, let me speak to-- [Long pause] Are you finished? [Pause] Good, because... [Operator] The voice mailbox of... [Computerized voice] Elaborate voicemail hoax [Operator] is full. Goodbye.

"Vision Quest"[]

  • "Are you tired of constantly getting stuck in elevators? You wish there was a way not to keep constantly getting stuck in elevators? Well friend, wish and be tired no more."

Season 11[]

"Helping Hands"[]

  • "[Female voice] Hello? Oh, my God, who are you trying to reach? Is he the handsome man in the black turtleneck? 'Cause I guess he's not so handsome now. [An ambulance siren is heard] Oh, I- I'm so sorry, [crying] I don't know how to tell you this, He, he, he... [Archer laughing] Got you. Post-coma Voicemail hoax. Yeah, I'm doing it. [Beep] [Voicemail woman] the mailbox you are trying to reach is full."
  • "Cheryl: Malory Archer's office. Please hold. Malory: Well, well, well. If it isn't my ungrateful son who stood me up. [Cheryl screams and there are gunshots] Cheryl: Oh, my God! Ms. Archer's been hit! [Both laughing] Malory: Ha! Elaborate voicemail prank. Leave it!"