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S12E05-Sploosh and gang

Pam introduces the gang to Sploosh.

When a woman says "Sploosh!", she's thinking of something that's very sexy and could give her an orgasm. It is also said by Ray Gillette. In "Shots", it is revealed Pam coined this phrase after a bouncer of the same name.


  • This gag first appears in Dial M for Mother (s1e10) in which Pam says "Sploosh!" while waving her hands away from her privates when Archer says he had sex with 2 actual princess sisters at the same time. Later, Cheryl excitedly says "Sploosh!" when she sees Krieger's "chokebot" crushes a pool ball. Later still, after Lana rejects having sex with her, Pam expresses doubt whether Lana "having sex" with all of ISIS's men to hurt Cyril's feeling would work, to which Lana responds, as her boobs bounce, "Pam, look at me", to which Pam says, "Yeah... Sploosh", again while waving her hands away from her privates.
  • In Movie Star (s2e7), when Cheryl's talking about "the quarterback, the super hot guy named Dick Sledge" at her "stupid college", Pam cuts in with "Sploosh!", yet again waving her hands away from her privates, which is followed by Ray with "Jinx!". This is probably because she's said "Sploosh" so often that he's made a game of jinx out of it, although it's unclear what the rules of this "jinx" are like. It's also possible that by "Jinx!" Ray means "Sploosh for me too!".
  • In Heart of Archness: Part I (s3e1), when Rip Riley's introduced, Cheryl says "Total sploosh!", Lana follows with "Gotta give him the sploosh.", after which everyone looks at Ray waiting for his follow-up, to which he says "And whatever my equivalent of 'sploosh' is, which I guess is just 'sploosh', only with semen."
  • In Skin Game (s3e11), Cheryl says "sploosh" when Katya, as a cyborg, crushes her glass whatsit with her bare hand.
  • In The Archer Sanction (s6e3), when the handsome Crash McCaren says he saved eight mountain climbers in an avalanche, both Lana and Ray says "Sploosh!" in unison. In response to Crash's confusion, Lana quickly says, "is, I bet, the sound an avalanche makes."
  • In Bel Panto: Part I (s7e6), as Alan Shapiro displays pictures of Ellis Crane, Pam or Lana can be heard saying sploosh.
  • In London Time (s12e3), Lana says it when recalling a time in her and Archer's early relationship when they had sex 6 times during a mission.
  • In Shots (s12e5), Pam reveals the origin of Sploosh, a a bouncer.