One of Archer's favorite phrases, 'phrasing', draws attention to his ability to only hear the innuendo in speech of others. It becomes a running gag variously picked up by other characters until eventually being dropped when people 'take it for granted'. It becomes a meta-gag when Archer incredulously cries "are we seriously not doing phrasing anymore?!" This page attempts to catalog its appearance, (hey?) probe its uses and variations (hey!) as well as it's eventual disappearance and attempted re-insertion (hey! Phrasing!) [Ongoing] In season 10, space phrasing is commonplace.

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Notable OccurrencesEdit

  • Skin Game (s3e11) - Archer says it to himself, after saying "Oh Barry. I'm coming for you.  Phrasing... boom!"
  • Fugue and Riffs (s4e1) - Pam says "Phrasing, first, boom!"
    • Noting that she is the first to use "phrasing" in season 4, Pam breaks the fourth wall.
  • Viscous Coupling (s4e5) - Katya says "Yes my dear Sterling, come for me. Phrasing, boom!"
    • Barry says later on "So tell Archer I'm coming for him - phrasing, boom! - and both Barry's out."
  • The Honeymooners (s4e9) - Archer yells "I'm coming, phrasing, boom!" as he leaps from the side of Tuntmore Towers to rescue a falling Lana.
    • Averted by Archer when instead of saying it in response to Lana's "I'm coming Cyril!" he says, "Lana, wait: bet that is the first time you've ever said that. Right?"
  • Sea Tunt: Part II (s4e13) - Before nearly drowning, Archer says "Lana - you're gonna be a mom! Just promise me you'll be a better one than mine..." After a cutaway to Malory, she replies "Archer - that shouldn't be that hard." To which Archer, classically responds "Ph-ph-phrasing" whilst taking in water. Lana then says "OK, here it comes. You've just gotta relax and let it go in your mouth." Archer, gurgling with water at this point, gargles the magic word, "Phrasing" before movingly telling Lana he loves her.
    • This is a particularly notably double usage, and a moving shared moment between Archer and Lana.


Post / Meta-PhrasingEdit

"Guys, we really need to talk about getting phrasing back in the rotation."

HighComs (talk) 18:19, May 8, 2019 (UTC)

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