Running gags are a staple part of Archer.  Some are unique to a character (and are more like catch phrases, or unique behaviours) whereas others are shared by the cast. When they originate with one character and spread, this contagious aspect mimics the way memes propagate in real life. Considered as a technique and trademark for the show, it is classic Archer (TV Show). Here is an attempt to document some (if not all) of them.


  • Actually better (Archer)
  • And/or (all in various contexts)
  • Ants (Malory, Len, Barry, Fuchs in Danger Island)
  • Ass! or, you ass! (Used frequently by Malory and Woodhouse)
  • Asshole
    • var. big flapping asshole; giant gaping asshole
  • Aw! Various intonations expressing surprise, affection, sadness, and surprsied affection etc.
  • Bawk bawk - therapy cranes, a Cheryl specialty
  • Big Dumb Idiot! (used by all, esp. Archer to Pam).
    • var. big dumb ox; big dumb idiot asshole
  • Buckles (in hand bags, Malory's usually)
  • Bullet Magnet Brett
  • Burn! (Cyril)
  • Can't or won't? - when issuing an ultimatum, often by Malory. The subtext varies but often implies "you are capable, so why won't you?"
    • Either!
  • Classic Archer - as in, "that is classic Archer, or Malory, Lana" etc.
    • Subverted by Slater when he says "Classic Rando": he has neither met Rando/Archer, nor interacted with any of the cast before, so the "in joke" is intended solely for the audience.
  • Core Concept - Archer (usually). When someone just doesn't get it.


  • Danger Zone - (Archer)
  • Earballs!Cheryl Tunt's reaction to loud noises.
  • Encyclopedia Cocktailia - Archer's knowledge of them is second to none. Literally.
  • Ew and/or ick - Used by all, especially Lana, Cheryl and Cyril
  • Frisky Malory
    • Related: Upchuck Archer - Archer being physically sick at the thought of his mother having sex.
  • Glassassination - the throwing, crushing and dropping of drinks glasses (Classic Malory)
  • Guest (all passwords)
  • Gummy Bears - Cheryl's preferred snack, when laced with LSD.
  • Gypsy Woman (That's what she said) - Cheryl has a particularly accurate one.
  • Jesus H. Christ / Jesus Christ on sale
    • Jesus "What is the H for?" Christ! (Malory)


  • Idiots! (Malory)
    • var. Whorediot (Malory to Cheryl)
  • Improvised cocktails (Archer, Malory, Pam)
  • Identity Crisis (Cheryl/Carol/Cristal or whoever.)
  • Inter-racial porn fetish (Lana)
  • Krieger's Deviance
  • Lana, Lana, Lana, LAAANNNAA!!! (Archer primarily)
  • Lana's Hands
    • var. Hulk Hands; She Hulk then.


  • [Just a Minute] - Holding up a finger whilst finishing drink - used by most, even the Wee Baby Seamus.
  • Myrtle Beach - it's the pits. Not sure why - is it due to the thong ban?
  • Nice Things - and why we can't have them (Malory, Sterling and occasionally a few others)
  • Not So Secret Agent - Otherwise, what's the point?
  • Pamfiti - Pam tags everywhere.
  • Pamstipation - Bound up pretty tight.
  • PaRayLasis - jokes about Ray's dead legs get a lot of mileage.
  • Phrasing - mostly Archer; but variations from Pam, Cheryl, Lana and Ray are not unheard of.
    • By season 6, Archer laments how "phrasing" isn't being used anymore. He thinks it should be added back in the rotation.
  • Pick one! (Malory and others)
  • Ping pong paddle - (Archer) award for first in show goes to the PPP.


  • Shut up! (all)
    • var. shut your dick hole, shut your guess hole, shut your various holes
  • Slightly darker black (Archer)
  • Sploosh! (Pam, Ray and Cheryl)
  • Suuuprressing Fiiiire! (Classic Cyril)
  • Upchuck Archer - Archer being physically sick at the thought of his mother having sex.
  • Voicemail Pranks - Archer records hoax voicemail messages of increasing intricacy.
  • Wait, I had something for that - the "witty retort aversion" retort.
  • Who/Whom
  • Whore Island - where Archer goes to "grief bang."
  • Woodhouse Abuse (Archer)
  • You're Not My Supervisor! - Classic Cheryl, and her refusal to be bossed around
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