First appearance "Honeypot"
Voiced by Robert Ben Garant
Hair Brown
Nationality American
Occupation Hitman
Skills Counterfeiting
Small Arms
Interior Decorating
Personal Life
Relationships Charles
"Thank You."

Rudy and his partner Charles are a freelance hit squad who have taken contracts for the Cuban government despite it's stance on homosexuality.[1] Rudy is an amateur interior designer although he is not licensed. He and Charles provided Sterling Archer with tips on how to appear homosexual during his attempt to run a honey pot on Ramon to recover a sex tape of Sterling’s mother and Nikolai Jakov. Although the details of Rudy and Charles’ relationship are unknown, Rudy shows a deep interest in Sterling's butler Woodhouse; going so far as to buy him a new South Beach wardrobe. Later, Charles and Rudy unsuccessfully attempt to kill Sterling and Ramon in Malory’s South Beach apartment.

In the Season 5 episode A Kiss While Dying, The archer vice squad arranges a cocaine sale with Charles and Rudy through Ramon. The dynamic duo comes prepared with a suitcase full of counterfeit money and makes off with the blow. After their successful mission, Charles and Rudy can be found relaxing next to a floating tray of coke in the hot tub with Ramon, who had faked his own death to get a kiss from Archer.

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