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—"Movie Star"

Rona Thorne (voiced by Rachael Harris) is a Russian sleeper agent for the KGB who blended in with American culture as a mega famous, successful actress in America. She is an Academy Award winner. She is also into empowering books and forms a friendship with Lana Kane, calling her an "empowered woman".

Her parents are Russian sleeper agents in Los Angeles where Rona grew up and became an actress. She plans to break into Soviet cinema, where she has been promised she can direct.

Her trademark is use of the word "amazing," which she uses whenever she can.

She strongly endorses Rheinhardt Schmoll's self-help book, "Unleashing the Me," and she swears by the kung-fu monk-made "kelp tape" to cleanse her body of toxins. This, of course, involves ingesting the 50ft long kelp tape and then "passing" it to cleanse the body.

She has a pet chihuahua that she frequently carries in her arms.



Movie Plotline
The Cost of Ivory A movie that focuses on a battle against elephants and ivory poachers.
River's Rage A movie that focuses on a flood and involves a scene in which Rona's character loses a baby in a river.
Consumed A movie where Rona Thorne's character battles tuberculosis.
Disavowed A movie where Rona was planned to star in as a CIA agent disavowed and hunted by both the CIA and KGB as she tries to clear her name.