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Ron Cadillac (born Ronald Kazinsky) is Malory Archer's new husband introduced in the season 4 premiere Fugue and Riffs. He owned six Cadillac dealerships and has a strained relationship with his new stepson Sterling. The marriage causes Sterling to develop intense psychogenic retrograde amnesia and assume the role of Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

His last appearance was in the Season 12 finale where he and Malory are on an undisclosed beach after Malory retires from the spy world and both go into hiding.

He was voiced by the late Ron Leibman, who was also the real-life husband of the late Jessica Walter (voice of Malory Archer).


Malory & Ron 1

Ron and Malory

Ron's known origins go back to the later 30s and early 40s, when he and his "crew" stole cars for chop shop owners. His crew consisted of his closest friends, Tony, Donnie, Joey, and "Fat Mike." After Ron's revelations on how to make more money he and his crew opened up their own chop shops which became very successful, until the police found out and arrested all of Ron's crew but him, as he was procuring meatball subs at the time. They were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Afterward he changed his name to Ron Cadillac (from Ron Kazinsky) and used his ill-gotten gains to start his chain of Cadillac dealerships.  He has since tried to get money to the families of his former crew, although he had consistently been hijacked on his runs until Archer helped him in "Midnight Ron."

He was first introduced in Fugue and Riffs, in which Archer suffers from drug-induced amnesia. The end of the episode reveals that shortly after Malory married Ron, Sterling ran off, stealing their limo. For the following months after the wedding, he assumed the role of Bob Belcher, (a crossover to Bob's Burgers, in which H. Jon Benjamin voices the main character).  


Ron getting shot at by the Yakuza.

In season 5, while at Tunt Manor Tadashi from the Yakuza shoots Ron in the stomach, through a window that Archer broke when they stole drugs from Moto, in A Debt of Honor. He was then taken to the hospital by Cyril, and Pam, with Cheryl leading the way. In House Call, Malory mutters Len Trexler's name which causes Ron to have doubts about their relationship and leave her, taking with him control of her apartment that she had put under his name so that the feds wouldn't seize all her assets. 

In On the Carpet Malory announced to everyone that she and Ron had decided to work things out; they were going to marriage counseling and would have an open relationship. In Edie's Wedding wedding, Malory claims she and Ron have repaired their relationship, which is now "stronger than ever", although her reactions following this declaration imply this could be a lie.

In the Season 12 finale, he reunites with Malory, who has now retired from spying, on a undisclosed beach and they are holding hands and watching the sunset together.


Ron comes off as a sweet guy, while this is his strength, it comes off as a weakness at most points.  Although his past is sketchy, he resolves to be (almost) clean in his old age. But this doesn't mean he will not manage a few surprises with his stepson. Ron's patience finally begins to waver during season 5, after ISIS is disbanded and the cast attempts to carve out a new life for themselves as cocaine dealers. Following the trauma of being shot and his continued frustration with Malory's unfaithfulness, he leaves her penniless and homeless without a second thought. Later (off-screen), Ron and Malory apparently reconcile and get back together. Ron also shows he's very good with children in season 6. In episode 12, he's seen reading happily to baby A.J. the story of Goldilocks. And it also appears that A.J. has grown fond of her step-grandfather's presence.


  • Ron is one of the few paramours of Malory not to develop an extreme rapport with Archer.
  • "Fat Mike" is a callback to "Frisky Dingo" (another Adam Reed show) wherein it is the name of two Xtacles (one became "the new Fat Mike" after the first was killed).
  • He apparently has a habit of keeping jelly and saltines (and possibly a juice box) in his suit pockets in case he gets hungry later. Probably, based on the packaging, the jelly and saltines are from what is handed out for free at restaurants. The noise he made trying to open the saltines got him and Malory kicked out of the opera.
  • He is opening a new dealership, his 7th, in White Plains. ("Legs"). Although he says his is the biggest dealership chain in the entire tri-state area, all of the dealerships revealed thus far are in New York. He has one in Yonkers ("Legs")  one in Schenectady ("Midnight Ron"), and one in Catskill ("Midnight Ron").
  • Ron has been shot once by the Yakuza, though the wound was non-fatal. 
  • Ron's last name, "Kazinsky", is a reference to the 1978 television show KAZ , in which Ron Leibman, the voice actor for Ron Cadillac, won an Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama in 1979.
  • Ron made only one appearance in Seasons 6 and 7, though was constantly mentioned. He made no appearances nor was mentioned in Seasons 8-11.
  • In addition to being married on the show, the actor who voices Ron Cadillac, Ron Liebman, was married in real life to Jessica Walter, the voice actor of Malory Archer until his death in 2019.


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