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Rodney was a former ISIS requisitions officer, first introduced the Season 4 episode "The Wind Cries Mary". In Season 6, it was revealed that he stole all the weaponry and equipment from the armory and became a successful arms dealer. His voice is provided by American actor Andrew Donnelly.


Rodney was the new requisitions officer, and as such, was in charge of keeping track of all the weapons in ISIS's armory. He is very by-the-book, and insisted that weapon requisitions be done in writing, preferably in triplicate, to the ire of the employees of ISIS.

Once this policy was instituted, all missions had a designated list of equipment approved by Malory. Rodney assisted her with creating this list as, according to him, she "goes by [his] personal, professional recommendations." Any change had to be approved in writing by Malory. ("Legs")

Rodney was always seen behind his glass window, which can withstand the force of a rocket launcher, as seen in Legs. He could also seal off his room with steel curtains.

Rodney reported directly to Malory Archer and had no obligation to anyone else. ("The Wind Cries Mary")

Interaction with other Employees[]

Usually he completely follows the rules and seems to enjoy doing so. He really fits in the role of a bureaucrat. But in "Live and Let Dine," he agrees to help Pam and Cheryl find the secret phone number for reservations at Lance Casteau's restaurant and make a reservation for Malory in return for a handjob from Cheryl. Cheryl only agrees because Malory has threatened to kill Pam's fish otherwise, which would lead to Pam being killed by underground fish fighting gangs, and she would then have to change her Sunday routine. She uses a rubber glove and says "But I am not going to spit in your face." When she finishes, she does however scream and spit in his face. Rodney's reaction, in addition to the expected enjoyment, is to say "I think I'm in love with you." He has previously been more friendly to Cheryl than the others.

Following ISIS' dissolution as a spy agency, Rodney personally confiscated the entire ISIS armory, using the munitions supply to establish himself as an immensely successful and very dangerous arms dealer. As such, he did not return to the agency after its re-establishment.

Rodney is also sometime called Housettes. 


  • He has many common signs seen around bureaucrat's offices, such as the ubiquitous "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."
  • Along with Rip Riley and Conway Stern, he is one of the few employees to leave ISIS alive.
  • It is said that he is a very successful guns dealer from the ISIS armory during the raid White Elephant
  • Rodney bears more than a passing resemblance to Frank Oz's character in the opening scene of The Blues Brothers ; both characters have the same hair, moustache, green shirt, and tie; additionally, Oz's character is also an officious inventory control officer and their workspaces appear identical except for the content of the aggressive signage. 


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