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Robot Factory is the 4th episode of the eleventh season of Archer, being the one-hundred and fourteenth episode overall.



Archer and the gang team up with Barry to stop an army of Barrys from taking over the world. Meanwhile, Malory, Pam and Cheryl evaluate new valets for Archer.


While Archer was comatose, Barry did a lot of introspection and is now a much better-adjusted indestructible killing machine who is a valued member of the team and isn’t as prone to the double-cross that Archer insists is about to happen. New, Better Barry accompanies Archer, Lana, and Cyril on a mission to shut down a Russian bot factory using Barry’s schematics to pump out more versions of various types, most of which constitute a joke.


Cultural References[]

  • Julian Carlton - The story of Cheryl's childhood horse butler burning down her summer mansion and killing her cousins with a hatchet mirrors Julian Carlton's 1914 destruction of Taliesin, the estate of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. After being informed he would be fired as the estate's chef, Carlton murdered Wright's mistress Mamah Borthwick and her children with a hatchet, before burning down the house in an attempt to kill the other employees.
  • Irving Klaw - Archer made the reference to Klaw after Cyril tied up a guard. Klaw was a purveyor of bondage and fetish films.
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Half of Barry's face is blown off revealing part of his endoskeleton just like the character in this movie.
  • The Shining - Two Barry bots are dressed like the twin girls from this movie.
  • Saturday Night Fever - One of the Barry bots is wearing the same suit that John Travolta wore in this movie.
  • May December- Archer jokes Lana’s marriage is May-late late late December. Once again making fun of the age difference between Lana and Robert.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Sploosh! - When Pam sees Aleister, both her and Krieger give a well deserved sploosh in unison.



  • This is the first time Barry did not end up double crossing or pulling a gun on Archer or the agency Archer works for.
  • It was indeed Lana in this episode that was the would-be double crosser instead of Barry.
  • Cheryl reveals Barry is her emergency contact.
  • The song Barry sings to Archer while he is in his coma is Las Mañanitas (The Little Mornings). It is a traditional Mexican birthday song at birthday parties, usually early in the morning to awaken the birthday person.
  • Cheryl reveals she abused her servants and one killed some of her cousins.
  • Pam reveals the reason Woodhouse stuck around, was due to loving Archer.
  • The reading "ошиька динии" when the Barry bots shut down due to the virus translates to "error code."


First Appearances[]


Barry: "Hey man, could you not shoot your gun so close to my penis?"
Archer: "Like it matters."


Cyril: "Lana, no one is respecting that I'm in charge."
Lana: "Have you tried whining more?"


Archer: "He did have a penis! And it was magnificent!"


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