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Robert Ben Garant (born in 1970) is an American screenwriter, producer, director, actor and comedian born in Cookeville, Tennessee. At some point, he became a student at the Tisch School of the Arts, a media arts school under New York University.[1] While attending, he became the co-creator and a member of The Slate, a sketch comedy series broadcasted on MTV from 1994 to 1995. Since then, he directed, wrote, and acted in multiple movies and TV-shows, but he's most notable for his involvement with Reno 911! and its spinoffs.

He provides the voice of Rudy in "Honeypot" and reappears in Season Five: Archer Vice in "A Kiss While Dying. " In Season Ten: Archer 1999, he voices Tav, the dream persona of his character in the episode, "Mr. Deadly Goes to Town."


  • The only times that Robert Ben Garant's character Rudy is used is when Ron Perlman and Thomas Lennon's characters, respectively Ramon Limon and Charles, are also shown, though as Tav, only Thomas Lennon appeared with him as Tex. Additionally, Thomas Lennon is a long-time work partner of Robert Ben Grant and has also played a part in The Slate and Reno 911!,[2] while Ron Perlman played a minor role in Reno 911!.[3] All three of them have appeared in the same episode of the show.[4]
  • Robert Ben Grants is married to Cathy Shims, who also worked on Reno 911!.[5]
  • He guest-starred in a few episodes of the animated family sitcom, Bob's Burgers, who is starred by the voice actor of Sterling Archer, H. Jon Benjamin. Robert Ben Garant also played a minor role in the movie based on the show, The Bob's Burgers Movie. Thomas Lennon has also provided some voices for the characters in Bob's Burgers, and both Garant and Lennon have starred in the same episode together.
  • In the episode, "Mr. Deadly Goes to Town," Robert Ben Garant isn't credited.[6]

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