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"I know seatbelts save lives, but who is the government to require me to wear one!"

Robert is a billionaire, the husband of Lana Kane and the step-father of Abbiejean Kane-Archer.


Robert is somewhat of a horndog, openly admitting that he finds Gabrielle attractive in front of Lana and casually talking about his active sex life with Archer. He has dabbled quite a bit in the "exotic arts" (meaning he enjoyed sleeping with women of color).

He is against government regulation, having voted libertarian twice (despite marrying a government agent). Robert can be secretive at times, as he did not reveal to Lana that he was married three other times prior to getting with her.

Robert seems to get along with Malory mostly due to their similar age and humor (often blatantly racist). Though at first he seems openly friendly, and was understanding about Archer's feelings for Lana. Once alone he was quick to mock Archer, saying that while Archer was baffled Lana married him, he states it's that which makes Lana and Archer's relationship so baffling. However he did say he remembered the relationship Archer and Lana had. Upon hearing of it and Lana's propensity to shoot the latter in the foot, he purchased bulletproof shoes, something that impressed Archer.

Robert's personality teeters from passive to somewhat passive controlling behavior. As its hinted from Lana, that Robert constantly kept telling her how to handle Archer. And although he comes off with "respecting" Lana, he's quick to constantly put pressure on her in regards to having another child. Though its clear she doesn't want another child, he keeps insinuating that its something Lana wants. He also tries to guilt trip her by saying she wants to avoid job as a mother to A. J. and states "having two makes it twice as hard". His manipulative side comes more during his divorce with Lana when he attempts to take sole custody of A. J. He attempts to using her job as an excuse that she puts A.J. in danger and tries bribing A. J. by using his money to spoil/lavish her to attempt to persuade her to choose him over Lana.

In another instant, he even attempts to isolate A. J. from the others, even though for the most part they were neutral with Robert. By telling her, she couldn't let Pam use familiarities when she asked A. J. to call her "Aunt Pam". To which A.J. responds it was her stepfather's teaching, even though Pam is very good to A. J. Though he loses, as she obviously picks her mother, he claims he did this to "prove" to Lana she could be a mother. Though he used very many dirty tactics and would humiliate Lana during trial.

Another issue, comes from their lack of communication. When Robert misunderstands her gesture, instead of asking Lana about their relationship status. And whenever he made mistakes with Lana, he never apologies for his them and instead twist his words around to make it sound like it was all her fault. He immediately, takes a previous gesture, to think they should have an open marriage. Though again he doesn't tell Lana, despite how he constantly complained about her not "communicating" with him. And when Lana leaves after catching him, his reaction is either indifferent or uncaring, or sees his affair with Sandra as nothing wrong.

Character History[]

He became a billionaire at age 25 and owns a wing of an art museum along with several foundations, one of which is involved in neuroscience and did a study on memory-mapping neurons. Robert was married three times before meeting Lana. According to him, his first wife, Zelda, was "similar to Malory". His second wife, Hafsa, was a "gift" from Saudi royalty. His third wife, Linda, was a supermodel. He technically never divorced Linda, as he "lost" her during a trip while "on safari."

Lana met Robert 8 months into Archer’s coma while he was doing a fundraiser for kids with cancer at the hospital. Though she's very private about their relationship, she claims she's happy being married. Though through season 11 its clear that there have been issues before Archer awaking from a coma. By season 12, their relationship was having a lot more issues to the point that Robert believed they wanted an "open marriage".

Season 11[]

Ever since Archer came back, things have been weird between Lana and Archer. Lana says that he constantly tells her how to handle Archer, and Lana’s like, “I know how to handle Archer, buddy, ok? I handled him for years before I met you, and maybe, just maybe, I want to complain about the guy without you trying to fix it!”

In "The Double Date", he and Lana join, Archer and Gabrielle on a double date, where he openly tells Gabrielle that he finds her attractive. After the women head to the bathroom, Robert begins to loudly tell Archer his sexual preferences as well as details of his, much to Archer's discomfort. After this, he, along with the others are forced to leave the restaurant to follow and ISIS target, with everyone squeezing in Archer's car. When he was in the backseat of Archer’s car between Gabrielle and Lana, he joked, “I feel like the cream inside of an Oreo.” Implying he wants a threesome with Gabrielle and Lana and/or has a fetish for women of color. Though Lana quickly stopped him before he could finish the joke. When the others begin mocking Malory for her age, Robert states that he finds Malory beautiful and successful and that she reminds him of Zelda, unintentionally revealing to Lana that he has had more then one Ex-Wife. As the night continues, Robert if forced to reveal more details of his past to Lana. Later in the night continues, Robert ends up on a carriage ride with Malory, where the two bond. Later that night, the two go to Robert's apartment and watch old movies together.

AJ sitting on Robert's lap

AJ and Robert.

In "Caught Napping", Robert learns that A.J. has been kidnapped and brings Archer, Cyril, Pam, Kreiger and Ray to Switzerland to save her. He tries to keep it a secret from Lana, but she finds out and goes as well, angry that he lied to her. Robert tries to explain his reasoning to Lana, but doesn't apologize for lying to her. While on their way to rescue A.J. it is revealed that it was Robert who suggested sending A.J. to a boarding school in Switzerland. He gets the $100 million in bonds and goes to the meeting place, where Lana and Archer already are. When the kidnappers take off with A.J. he and the other pursue in a sled made by Kreiger. Upon rescuing A.J., she runs to Robert, calling him Daddy, something that pains Archer.

Season 12[]

In "Identity Crisis" Malory has trouble securing a benefactor and reluctantly calls Robert who accepts her offer and becomes The Agency's benefactor and CFO, much to Lana's dismay.

In "Lowjacked" Robert takes The Agency on a team building trip to Paris on a luxury flight. He says he hired the Cloudbeam marketing team and rebranded the agency as "The Spies with Soul" shortly before the flight gets hijacked by eco-terrorists before takeoff. He, Lana and Malory take shelter in a sauna for most of the hijacking until Lana has an argument with Robert about boundaries. He also reveals they've been bickering recently, due to Robert wanting another child (most likely of his own blood). He pushes his boundaries and instead of respecting Lana's wishes to not have a child. He continues to push her and says she doesn't want to be a "mother" to "two". After which she reveals his location to the eco-terrorists. Robert donates millions to the Citizens of the World Environmental Group in the agency's name and gets pistol-whipped by one of the terrorists. After the eco-terrorists are thwarted, Robert and Lana reconcile, later episodes show she's not fully reconciled. Robert states that now he's "a few million in the hole" there's going to be some changes and tells Archer that unless he finds another source of income he's going to have to buy his own drinks indefinitely.

Over the next episodes, Lana seems to be angry at him and rejects all his offerings of peace and complains when he texts her to pretty much everyone, even to the point where she asked Archer himself for relationship advice.

After Archer's rescue in "Mission: Difficult" Robert is found to have been cheating on Lana with Sandra because he was under the assumption they had an open marriage after the events of "Shots". The following day Robert reveals to the agency that they were bought by the IIA as Fabian walks in and asserts himself as their new boss.

Season 13[]


  • He voted Libertarian twice.
  • He has had 11 pet dogs in the past, all of which have died on him and blames the language barrier for their deaths.
  • As a child, Robert and his friends would feed the pigeons Alka-Seltzer, and watch them explode, implying he and his friends are psychopaths due to their animal cruelty.
  • Although Pam said Lana's never been happier with Robert, at the same time during their sneak off vacation, Lana stated Archer was interfering with her "perfect" relationship with Robert, to which all had a look of disbelief. Pam remarks it wasn't perfect but "sometimes you fake it 'til you make it."
  • Ironically, Lana was super mad at Archer for his fling with Veronica Deane due to her age difference. But she ended up doing the same when she married Robert, who was probably the same age (or older) than Veronica Deane.
  • It is revealed that A.J. considers Robert her father. It's never been stated if Lana and Robert purposely brought up A.J. to call him that (thus cutting Archer out of the picture) or if it is something that naturally happened. However, given that Lana took A.J. to see Archer while he was on bed rest, it is possible that A.J. just assumed Robert was her father and simply doesn’t understand about the difference between stepparents and birth parents yet. Though that also leaves out how she knows of Malory as her grandmother (or for that matter that her grandparents are near Robert's age).
  • In "Lowjacked", it is revealed that Robert wants to have a baby with Lana and continued to pressure Lana, despite her feelings.
  • Though their relationship was already falling apart and Lana herself had considered having an affair, she still was hurt and upset after finding Robert with another woman.

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