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Archer 1999: "Road Trip" is the sixth episode of Season 10, and the one hundred and seventh episode overall.



Daydreams of an interstellar road trip turn into an existential nightmare.


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Cultural References[]

  • Frisky Dingo (2006-07):
    • When Krieger confirms that Archer should have died 9 times in the past year, Archer says "boosh", a catchphrase from Adam Reed's earlier cartoon.
    • The dinosaur-like creature has the face and feet of Killface.
  • Ghostbusters (1984) - When Archer stops the dinosaur-like creature in front of the cave the crew is hiding in, he says "Ok, who brought the dog".
  • Predator (1987) - The invisible camouflage on the dinosaur is the same as the yautja in Predator.
    • The scene where they crash land under red lighting is also reminiscent of this movie's opening sequence.
    • This could also be a reference to "Indominus Rex" from Jurassic World and its similar ability to camouflage itself.
  • Death Ship (The Twilight Zone) (1963) - The discovery of dead duplicate bodies of the Seamus crew may owe its inspiration to this episode. The plot was basically an earth ship landing on an alien planet and finding a crashed space ship like theirs. Inside the wreck, the crew discovered their own dead bodies. Eventually, two of the crew determine that they are in fact spirits, but their captain, through his sheer will rejects that premise, prevents them from achieving peace in the afterlife and doom the three of them to reliving the final several hours of their lives forever.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Holy shitsnacks - Becomes 'holy spacesnacks'.
  • Dick nuts - Pam's preferred insult makes a return.
  • Cristal - An alternate name for Cheryl, a callback to "Diversity Hire".
  • Earballs - Cheryl complains about how the loud gunshot noises "murder her earballs".
  • Krieger Clones - Krieger confronting a clone version of himself is a callback to Krieger's backstory as mentioned in seasons 5 (Archer Vice) and 8 (Dreamland). 
  • Had Something For This - Krieger forgets the "good news".


  • Reality (Non-Dream): 
  • Dream / Reality Crossover:
    • (Dream) ...Archer says if the bald version of him was really his alter ego he would have been "something really cool, like a secret agent or a private investigator or a..." / (Reality) ... Archer is of course a secret agent, whose first dream persona in Season 8 was that of a private detective and his 2nd in Season 9 being a World War I flying ace.


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First Appearances[]


Archer: [wearing a laserproof vest] "Hey! This is totally safe, right?"
Krieger: "Technically?"
Archer: "As in actually, Krieger."
Krieger: "Kinda feels like probably. To both of those."


Archer: "Please. If that guy was really my alter ego, Lana, he would have been something really cool like a secret agent or a private detective."

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