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"Have you killed people before?"
"Yeah, literally scores of them. I actually used to be the world's greatest secret agent."
"Oh, before becoming an unlicensed private investigator."
"After a brief stint as a drug dealer."
"Okay, let's do this."
—Richard Stratton IV and Sterling Archer[src]

Richard Stratton IV, better known simply as Ivy, was an old high school "friend" of Sterling Archer. Ivy approached the Figgis Agency and almost tricked them into killing Trent Whitney, but he was found out and promptly killed. His voice is provided by Jon Daly.


Before the Series[]

"I aspirated water in my lungs."
"And presumably urine."
Sterling Archer and Ivy[src]

Ivy went to a private high school with Sterling Archer and Trent Whitney, and Ivy and Whitney would give Archer swirlies; in fact, they gave him so many swirlies that he became known as "Swir-ling". On one instance during Archer's freshman year, Archer was given a swirly in a toilet that Whitney had pissed in; this put Archer in the hospital for five weeks due to pneumonia, as he had aspirated water in his lungs (and presumably urine). This caused Archer to miss out on varsity.[1]

Season 7[]

"Deadly Prep"[]

As Archer was talking to his girlfriend Lana Kane about sending their daughter to school, Ivy appears. Sterling drops his drink as he recognizes the voice as Ivy's. Ivy introduces himself to Lana and Sterling's mother, Malory Archer, complimenting her by saying that he didn't know Archer had a sister.

Ivy talked to Archer in private, where he revealed that he was dying of a terminal disease and would be dead within three months, spending every minute in agony. Thus, Ivy hires the Figgis Agency to shoot him, telling them that he has a safe with $100,000 inside as payment. However, he must not know when they will shoot him, since he does not know when he is going to die. When Archer says he'll kill Ivy at 10, Ivy reminds him that he must not know.

Archer drives up to Ivy's house, where he finds that Ivy is passed out on the bed, having drank an obscene amount of alcohol. However, Archer wonders if Ivy has left the safe open for him. Archer goes around the house looking for the safe, when Ivy attacks him. After a brief fight, "Ivy" is revealed to be Trent Whitney. Archer and Whitney talk for a bit, revealing that Ivy wanted Whitney dead for embezzling from his hedge fund and sleeping with his wife for five years. It was then that Cyril Figgis, who had found out about the Figgis Agency's new "job", storms in. Whitney goes through the safe before threatening to kill Archer again, at which point Whitney is killed by Ivy, covering Cyril in Whitney's blood.

After Ivy shoots a gas line, Archer runs out to his car while Cyril searches inside the safe. Archer yells at Cyril to come out, but Cyril finds a copy of the Longwater disc. Eventually, Cyril runs out and jumps into the car. The two drive away just in time as Ivy shoots a stove, destroying his house in a large explosion. Ivy manages to track them down, but Cyril wastes all the ammo in a failed attempt to kill Ivy. Ivy chases Archer and Cyril onto the highway, and eventually Archer jumps onto Ivy's car. Archer attacks Ivy for his past bullying and his actions while Ivy, in an attempt to kill both himself and Archer, drives off a cliff, where the car explodes once it hits the ground. However, Archer is revealed to have jumped out at the last second.

"Deadly Velvet: Part II"[]

It was eventually revealed that Ivy's company, Stratton-Whitney, was actually a huge money laundering scheme for Veronica Deane.


Richard Stratton IV is shown to be racist, based on how he addresses Lana and laughs at how Abbiejean is Archer and Lana's child, moving past the assumption that Lana was the nanny or the maid.[1]


  • Richard Stratton IV's nickname comes from the Roman numerals in his generational title: "Ivy" is a homophone of "IV".
  • Archer tells Whitney that he believes Whitney and Ivy will die in "a bizarre murder-suicide". Ivy murders Whitney, then goes into a chase with Archer, then drives off a cliff hoping to kill both himself and Archer (only for Archer to jump out at the last minute), proving Archer's prediction entirely correct.
    • Otherwise known as foreshadowing.
  • The surname "Stratton IV" is re-used in combination with his friend (and Archer's other bully) Trent Whitney's surname in Season 9: Danger Island. The character Whitney Stratton IV appears in the first episode Strange Pilot (s9e1).


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